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  1. That looks really nice! Would love a FSSB adapter! :D
  2. @Uboats, is it possible to get those panel pictures in high rez and without button description? I'll be making a simpit of you amazing module :) Keep up the great work, Cheers!
  3. God damn! Your seriously did a fantastic job with the backlighting! Would you mind sharing a little more of your manufacturing process? I'd love to see more for when I'm building my own panels. Cheers!
  4. What materials did you use to make the panels? Clear acrylic then paint or white acrylic? Your backlighting looks perfect, very nice and even!
  5. Great to hear! :thumbup: Then it was worth it :)
  6. Did it live up to your expectations, regarding clarity and fidelity?
  7. Looking forward to it! Hope you will enjoy it, it looks fantastic! :)
  8. Very high quality finish, great job mate!
  9. The Gripen and some russian aircraft atleast, russians also have some linear dual throttles
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/12mm-Momentary-Latching-Push-Button-Round-Toggle-Switch-ON-OFF-for-Car-Auto/264350977483?hash=item3d8c8bcdcb:m:m62iOhSZcozmKjdMiEFai-g That might be an option? I have installed one as an extra button, so I've not checked the size of the original hole
  11. I hear you man, it has happened to me in other hobbies sadly, always sucks when you're promised or expecting a fast delivery, but then you get no communication and nothing instead. If they don't delivery and you get a refund, I can recommend Andre's jetseat, they use the same software and it's fantastic! Hope it gets solved :)
  12. 1: Yes! It's plug'n'play, you can i stall the TM Base PCB in it also, but you don't need it. 2: I don't have the desk mount part, I use it mounted to the floor, atleast that is rock solid! 3: Do you mean forward pitch or rotational? It depends on where you want it, Realsim sell a stickadapter with the correct F16 pitch, not cheap though. http://realsimulator.com/html/f-16-c_angle_adapter.html Rotational can be adjusted however you want :)
  13. Why should he pull the review? He stated clearily that he reviewed the product, not the company. He can't be liable or control their way of doing business, but he can show of their product. I'm sure there is a lot of people who knows nothing about the issues, that still look for the product on Youtube.
  14. Looking good! Welcome back :)
  15. You've made a lot of progress, really inspiring! Now I want a laser engraver too! :)
  16. Fantastic! I'd love a customized version that would be close to the Gripens throttle, if it's possible with a idle cutoff "click" and afterburner detent at 10cm in, then I'm sold!
  17. I'd recommend having a look at onshape.com. It's a browser CAD program that's very easy to learn. Pretty basic but I think it will definitly be enough for what you are looking for. There is alot of tutorials on Youtube aswell. I've done all my work on it, and you can export directly to .stl
  18. Fantastic job! Looking forward to seeing more!!
  19. Interesting, been looking for a mechanism like that, looking forward to more info!
  20. Don't think it was that one, but that one is insanely impressive, would love to use my scuba tank! I think the guy modified used CPAP machines that had the right fittings for the valve, don't remember the name for it now, but the one the hose attaches to. Will try to dig it up when I get home :) Cheers!
  21. Iirc, someone over at viperpits did that, been looking in to it myself. Can't find the project though, and the machines are hard to get here in Sweden too. Would love to see you build one! :)
  22. Download the .stl files, then upload them to shapeways.com :) Remember to check that the scale is right before you buy it though!
  23. He haven't been online since June last years, so I guess so :)
  24. Looks like it's your curved desk, maybe you can make it flat with bracket, or something that extends a bit longer in on your desk for more support.
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