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  1. So when you push the oculus button, it triggers the "trigger-axis", if I understand it correctly?
  2. I'm guessing your after what a "side stick" is, it's just a stick that's placed on the side instead of between your legs. The F16 have it mounted on the right console, a lot of desktop player have it on the side aswell since it's usually mor ergonomic on a desktop
  3. You've gotten way less attention for this excellent work than you deserve, it looks fantastic, great design and finish!
  4. Really like the look of it, I'm doing a similar build, aluminium extensions are great for simpits!
  5. Good job, enjoyed the video, you got a new subscriber! :)
  6. I'm following your progress on CheckSix aswell, it's an amazing build that just keeps getting better and better! Will post pictures of my Mk10 seat some day, I use your onshape plans. Again, thanks for sharing!
  7. I still have your old F16 pedals, they're fantastic!
  8. Great job Togg, thanks for sharing, looks fantastic!
  9. Fantastic progress! Always impressive!
  10. Sad to hear that, Hope the healing goes well! Happy VR flying, your seat looks fantastic!
  11. Then I'm clueless mate, Hope someone can give better advice :)
  12. Yes, but are they aligned like that in the computer settings aswell? I'll take som pics later when I'm on my computer :)
  13. What is your monitor placement and resolution? Do you have it as 7680x1080 or as 5760x2160? I.e. All in a line, or two rows?
  14. http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=98_87&products_id=210 This has a great feel, you can add a hat for it!
  15. Looking forward to new update, you started out great! Sometime MFD popup here on the forums, or maybe you can split a pair with someone that wants a third aswell :)
  16. Thanks for the share! I have a color laser at work, will experiment with letter colors aswell! Right now I'v have a meltdown in Illustrator, FCS 2 and down will have black background with transparent text, above that will have black text and transparent/red background. The pathfinder keeps bugging so that some of the text doesn't get stenciled out when text next to it is :bash: (image doesn't show that part)
  17. Sadly I don't, first thing I'm buing if I move to a house with a garage ;) But I think I understand now, started designing the panel yesterday so I'm prepared when the cnc shows up :) Thanks for the link, found those sheets here in Sweden to Cheers!
  18. Thanks for the great info! It's a little Hard for me to understand now, but I'm sure it will be more clear when I start building it myself. I have a laser printer and have a 3018 cnc on the way, so hopefully I'll get there. Again, great job, it truely looks fantastic!
  19. Thanks, will double check that I've enabled it!
  20. I've noticed some change aswell. I use the CV1, been using VR in DCS since Dk1, I never get motion sick but I've been getting very faint dizzyness feeling since last Oculus update aswell. For now I play sorter sessions, hoping for a quick fix. Thanks for the thread, now I feel that it might be software and I'm not the one that's changed :)
  21. Looking good!! Great job! How did you make your caution panel? The text looks fantastic!
  22. One of the most amazing builds here! Great job, gotta be a blast flying in that!
  23. Does you computer recognize it? See if it shows up in the Windows control panel. If it does, it should show up in DCS also. Restart you computer after you plug it in just in case
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