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  1. You have to go in your control bindings, Selected aircraft axis, and clear the rudder controls from the Throttle column. You probably have to do that for the most of your aircraft
  2. The outside doesnt matter that much since it will get melted in anyway. Aslong as it's the right screw size ofcourse, mine are M3 atleast. So check the diameter of the 3d print holes, then look for datasheet on some M3 inserts if you're unsure. But I'd go for any M3 insert :)
  3. Have you checked Ebay? Typ size and "brass insert" and lots should show up, both US, UK and China :) The UFC looks great btw!
  4. Log in to the ww software, then you can download their bindning in the app. I believe you can unistall the app afterwards if you want, APU switch wont sync tho
  5. Great job, looks really good! Looking forward to the end result!
  6. He did say it was for a brake lever. Nice placement, don't think I've seen it there before!
  7. Power usb hub is a must. Get a nice one with externa power and a on/off switch for each usb output, it's worth it. Always good to have your throttle, joystick and such on that aswell :)
  8. Don't think there is, but multiple arduinos as Sokol recommended is a very affordable alternative! I'd recommend checking Chuck's F/A-18 guide, he has great pictures of the ingame panels, then just count them, most are volume control and lighting
  9. The BBI is only for button inputs, not axis. For pots you'll need a BU0832 board, they support analog inputs :)
  10. I have the same, guess it just shows there is some power coming thru, I get it when my PC is off but my USB hub is on
  11. That was under the F/A-18 section, anyone know what it means?
  12. Always nice with a friendly warning before people go and cut of circulation to various limbs ;) It sure does, might order one and try, looks like a fun project! Can't help with the code sadly :)
  13. I was unclear of what I meant, I was thinking if it might be possible to take out the bladders from the 3rd space vest and replace those in the real g-suit, as in "changing the cover" Sorry for being a bit unclear :)
  14. I will read up on the vest, you've got my interest, if it works as a "poor mans" g-suit, I'm definitely in! I have a jetseat aswell, but more immersions sounds good to me! Do you think it's adaptable to real G pants and jacket?
  15. Do you notice any fps drops using it?
  16. I really like your design, clever way to change heads and a nice small base footprint. I'm definitely in for a base when it's ready to sell. Good job!
  17. I've used my plastic one on my Warthog grip for a year or two with my FSSB R3 on max force, no issues, works flawless!
  18. Great to hear, my TMWH throttle has served me well but really look forward to retiring it now!
  19. Thanks for the review, bought the throttle aswell after all the positive reviews. How's it holding up sofar?
  20. That tipped me over, ordered the throttle, can't wait for it to arrive! Thx for the review
  21. I love everything about your build, super jelous!! Great job, must feel amazing!
  22. You guys are giving me cravings to buy one aswell... :joystick:
  23. There is a way, so don't worry too much about it, I've done it a couple of times aswell. IIRC, which I'm not 100% sure on atm, you can either remove the one you selected or edit it. Someone will hopefully give better info as I can't check it at home atm
  24. Everything is amazing, one of the best build I've seen, looks flawless! But the best part for me, that canopy bow! :joystick:
  25. I like it! Seems to be fairly priced and good potential and modular. The throttle is interesting if you can swap the grips
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