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  1. Borderline pornographic content, NICE!
  2. Leo Bodnar BBI for the buttons, and a Arduino nano for the display. A couple more panels just to show the thickness, they feel pretty sturdy when screwed together.
  3. Here's one of the panels I've made with my 3d printer. I usually use DYMO lables, but I will remake the rest with 3d printed text, the panel with the 6 digit display was a test. I'd like a dual extruder so that I can make backlit panels, but for now they are solid. I use 3mm base plates with a 6mm panel ontop. It's really easy to make your own panels, especially if you have .dxf or similar files. You'll probably find files here that's made for a CNC, but it's not a lot of work to make into a .stl. I mostly use onshape, browser based CAD that can export .stl.
  4. I'm not really experienced, but I'm doing the campaign now also. I believe you have to manually track moving targets, I am atleast and it's working pretty good. No need for lasing other than range. I flew low close to the coast, I saw the Hinds but they were further inlands so I never got in any real danger. Hope it helps a little!
  5. Well, that made me buy the Spitfire... Now for some practice until Normandy is released :D
  6. That's right, Andres shop has better pictures though, https://andres.shop/jetseat/24-jetseat-sim-edition.html
  7. Hi! We're trying to export the CK37 display to a 7 segment display, but we can't find the CK37 information to export. Is it already there, but we're missing it? Or will it be supported later on, if at all? Thanks for the great module!
  8. Received it today, great job Andre! Feels very solid and it fits my chair perfectly when I line everything up. Extremely satisfied, always solid customer service, both on this and my old KW-908, and ofcourse Simshaker! Thanks mate!
  9. Check http://hornetpits.org/ I'm sure you can find screen size help there, there are alot of great simpits, some user are here also. Cheers
  10. Thanks Ian! I've seen that they sell the same display with a MAX7219 chip, easier is the way to go for me and I've seen more tutorials on those also. As always, thanks for the info and great help!
  11. I've been thinking about it, I'm guessing it's helpful even with "non-supported" modules?
  12. Hello, I need some help with hooking up a 6 digit 7 segment display to a Arduino Nano. Since I'm pretty incompetent at this I'm having trouble finding the correct info. First question! I've hooked up "Dio, SCK, RCK" to pins D10-12 on my Nano, is that correct? 5V and GND are hooked up to those pins. Second question. The display is using a 74HC595 Driver chip, what information do I need? I'm guessing the datasheet? I'm completly lost on this, I've found some sketches but I've not found any with 6 digits. If anyone would point me in the right direction I would be very grateful! I'm going to use it as the Viggens CK37 display, so that is step two... Regards Robin
  13. AKAN is the gunpods, don't remember the actual designation and ARAK is rockets. Will check later after work
  14. Only external gunpods, you'll have to check the manual which other weapons they're compatible with
  15. Fantastic job, one of the best builds! Makes me want to start a M2kC build too ;)
  16. It's still EA, but it's available in the regular installation, don't need open alpha/beta. The Huey is great to, but if you already have the Mi8 then I would go with the Viggen as it seems that you would like it!
  17. It depends on what you want out of it, I love them both. The Mirage can do more stuff, but the Viggen is fun and challenging and have a smaller learning curve if you don't want to "go deep". I get good preformance out of both in VR with a 4770k and 980, Mirage a little better.
  18. Thanks again, very useful info! Those 5 conductor cables seem nice, will try that out. Will definitely use MMjoy2, maybe even try out shift registers as that cuts down on wires alot. Need to improve on my electronics skills though :) Cheers!
  19. Thanks guys, great and straight forward info! Will order a couple of Pro Micro and Leonardo's and try it out, can probably get away with <4 USB connections then. If I string a couple of micros in I2C, do I need different resistors between each one of them also? ( Pardon my crappy "electr-english" :) )
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