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  1. I've gotten this far, let me know if anything of it helps!

    Still just the basics, used the manual for approx. placement so far. Will correct hole placement and such with the correct specs.
    Video panel is guesstimate tho!


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  2. Mave you tried using meshmixer? It was a while ago I converted something, but I used that to convert my files to .obj, then fusion 360 to .step

    Have to check later this weekend, my memory might fail me which formats I converted to

  3. Did you slice the .stl yourself, or did you print using someone elses g-code? 


    If you slice it yourself you can adjust the distance the support has to the housing, to close and it might become part of the housing. 

    Other than that, try to be careful with sideclippers and take small pieces, it could take a while 🙂


    Good luck! 


  4. All the support material needs to be removed, after that you can sand it smooth. Be careful around smaller parts so you don't accidentaly remove more than the support



    As for the quality, download a slicer, Cura is a free one, the search for a profile for your machine. Then insert the stl. into Cura and slice it for a g-code. 


    There are a lot of good tutorials on Youtube, good luck and enjoy your printer! 

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  5. I really don't get the negative attitude towards this... If you don't like it and have nothing constructive, nothing to contribute, no need to comment!


    I personally think that it's an improvement of what we have, and as someone who has most modules and has flown since A10C came out I can see your point of modernizing the UI to attract newer players.


    It's easy to judge the game, which it is, that it is an 'old' game if you're on steam and just looking for something deeper than other flight games.

    If you're looking for DCS in 2020, I'd want it to give me the initial impression of a 2020 game.


    About the priotity, ofcourse alot of other things are above an UI overhaul, but that doesn't mean that the guys who's solving bugs have to do it...


    I think this as a part of an larger 'image' overhaul, abit of PR to those that aren't already playing.


    Great job mm13Indy!

  6. The outside doesnt matter that much since it will get melted in anyway.

    Aslong as it's the right screw size ofcourse, mine are M3 atleast.


    So check the diameter of the 3d print holes, then look for datasheet on some M3 inserts if you're unsure.

    But I'd go for any M3 insert :)

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