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  1. RIght, I was referring to earlier post here about land based TACANs. Should have quoted the post to be specific.
  2. I encountered this once, it turned out it was another TACAN within range, on the same channel, interfering. Might be different in this case, but worth looking at nonetheless...
  3. Try it without. I don't think it has any influence...
  4. If you don't climb after each duel back up to at least Angels 15 before committing again, he will always hit the drink when he tries to nose down for speed. Stupid as it is, but that's all AI can do atm
  5. I don't think guys this has anything to do with the original bug report. If you think your issue is a bug too, maybe it would worth it reporting it in a separate Bug topic, as probably the solution is also totally different, but definitely worth to take a look at too? Regards
  6. Hi Bignewy, any tally about the date of the next update at the usual place?: Patch status
  7. Go to Options / Controls. Select F-18 Sim. In the next field to the right, select "Axis commands". Below in the big window scroll down to Thrust Left. In this line go to your throttle column (see column header). In that field press RIGHT mouse button (NOT the left one). From the pop up menu choose "Add combo". It will look for input, so move your left throttle up and down, until it recognizes it. Do the same thing with right throttle. Go in game, check if throttles moves forward when you push yours forward. If not, go back to the same place, bring up again pop up menu with right mouse button (
  8. Sorry then, probably misunderstood. Pressing Finish suppose to put all (incl. new) commands onto your clipoard for insertion. And the Keyword Collection group must be consolidated in the Profile edit window.
  9. I think if you had ever went through the manual, or at least throught the first steps, you would know what was meant. Please open VAICOM manual, then press Ctrl F and type in the top right search window: finish steps.
  10. Yeah, I even forgot it is in the RL plane. I had to look it up...
  11. I'm afraid it has nothing to do with restarting (which means pressing finish button on one of the VAICOM control page tabs, don't remember which now. YOu will find it in the VAICOM manual, or in a pop up window in VAICOM after perssing mentioned Finish button. Back to the original question, I also have Comms menu popping up for no apparent reason. I did not investigated so deep yet, but my culprit is rather the Voice Attack listening window, that usually picks up words sometimes you didn't even say at all. Some said it is some wrong joystick assignment, but I don't think so, as thi
  12. Is it present in the RL Hornet?
  13. Sorry, what I meant was Auto Throttle Controll in Approach mode.
  14. It depends on your speed and the amount of angle you need to turn for the new heading. I usually use "heading select" switch to start the turn, as many miles earlier, as much hundreds of knots I'm flying. So, flying 300 KTS I start turning 3 mileas earlier, if the turn is around 50-90 degrees (left or right). If the turn is a shallow one, less than 50 degrees left or right, then 2 miles is enough. If it is a sharp turn, meaning more than 90 degrees left or right, then I start is as early as 4-5 miles from waypoint, to remain on the "inside" of the route legs.
  15. How can I have a pilots body visible in a first place?... EDIT: Disregard, found it RShift P (if available for the modul)
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