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  1. How did you figure it out? Did you try it also in the Windows/Controller section?
  2. Try rather 50-60 degrees. 70 degrees left and right are already the gimbal limits of the 140° radar sweep, and if you start it already near 70°, you would need to slightly turn back in to keep it inside the gimbals.
  3. What are the necessary descent parameters starting from the given pont? Speed, rate of descent, pitch angle, anything? Thanks
  4. Yup, I didn't realize it, sorry...
  5. Out of the DCS, does the mini stick works as a mouse emulator? Just because in this case maybe I would try the assignment as a mouse among the options listed earlier... Worth a shot at least, altough it is beyond me how the same mini loystick can work in one DCS modul and not the other... X-files...
  6. Did you mention what type of joystick do you have? Sorry if I missed that, or if it is the TM HW, your question confused me a bit about it.
  7. Hi Ziptie, the 5 button designations (L, R, U, D, Center) for TDC are rather in the "HOTAS" section. In the Axis section you'll find TDC axis horizontal and vertical, and TDC controlled by mouse. I dunno what the latter is tough...
  8. The issue the OP described is not about the detent synchronizing with in game afterburner kick in point, it is rather the range of his physical throttle vs the in game throttle range. Unless I'm missing something...
  9. Is your mini mouse on your CH throttle an analog axis?
  10. Sorry to begin with the obvious, but are you sure all the laser codes were aligned properly?
  11. Latest Manual, page 69 "Airborne, when in the AUTO FLAPS UP mode, the speedbrake automatically retracts above 6.0 g or above 28° AOA and, when not in the auto flaps up mode, below 250 knots. The speedbrake will automatically retract if flaps are extended unless the speedbrake switch is held aft. The speedbrake extends with the flaps HALF or FULL so long as the switch is held in EXTEND. The speedbrake can be commanded to extend to any intermediate position but will retract fully with a momentary forward press of the speedbrake switch. The speedbrake operates normally on the ground."
  12. Please be a bit more specific, which part is "very much not true"? I mentioned indeed that some FBW systems CAN solve it for you (I dunno if that of the F-18C does it), but the lift difference is indeed there in a turn. Aileron - wikipedia "With ailerons in the neutral position, the wing on the outside of the turn develops more lift than the opposite wing due to the variation in airspeed across the wing span, which tends to cause the aircraft to continue to roll. Once the desired angle of bank (degree of rotation about the longitudinal axis) has been obtained, the pilot
  13. Basically every aircraft in a turn needs a bit of counter-aileron to be applied to keep the bank from increasing. Reason is, the airflow around the "inside" wing is slower, than the airflow around the outside wing, resulting in different lift above the left and right wing. Some fly by wire systems counter it by themselves without the pilot holding the a stick a bit to the outside of the turn, I don't know if the F-18C Lot 20's FBW is supposed to do it...
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