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  1. 1440x900 is only 1.3 Million pixels 3840x2160 is 8.3 Million pixels. So at 4K the GPU is having to pump out 6.3x as many pixels, so it is no surprise that it runs better at a lower resolution.
  2. I got quite good at using the sight to drop bombs accurately tonight, I don't mind that it might not have had that function IRL, it adds a string to its bow, it still makes a pretty bad bomber anyway!
  3. If you bind the "tactical drop on" switch to a hotas button and press it without lifting the saftey switch first then the switch moves to the up position but the red arming light does not come on and bombs will not be armed. Grrr I think it should automatically open the arming cover so you don't have to bind 2 commands to open it or at least allow it to arm the bombs when it is showing in the on/up position.
  4. I didn't realise there was a different bug thread for training missions, if this can be moved there. Could also be a duplicate.
  5. I do not find the new value of -2.0 good at all. Rounds fly over the target. I am finding -1.84 very good now and rounds land where I put the pipper.
  6. In the short landing version at least. All the instructions say the carrier is on tacan channel 44x but I checked in the mission editor and it is actually using 46x for the USS Tarawa. Pretty confusing.
  7. I'm petty sure I am not doing this wrong because I have tried it in a few missions including the carrier take-off training and the plane just will not move. Ahh just figured out it is the wheel chocks that need to be removed before you start your engines! There is no mention of this in the training mission, I think it need to be added to the instructions because I cannot be the first person to be confused by this!
  8. I find this happens a lot too after a few runs, I find if I turn the laser off and then on again it fixes the problem. it is like the laser is auto turning off after a few attack runs but with no indication on the HUD or TGP that that has happened!
  9. Thanks! Why have they changed the default gain? It was like trying to find a black cat in a dark room.
  10. Yeah I have found setting it to -1.55 to be like a sniper rifle compared to the default, rounds can go a little long if you are very close to the target but way better than them falling short every time.
  11. I cannot wait to see some DCS benchmarks with AMD RX 6800 that have 16GB V-Ram, also paired with a AMD 5900X cpu it should run DCS VR alot better than current top GPU and CPU's.
  12. Sorry to hear that some people have been having trouble with their Quest 2's. I am have having fun with my Quest 2 and DCS with Virtual Desktop (although my 13 year old Q6600 CPU only gives me about 24 FPS in VR) The Quest 2 is an amazing piece of technology for the price and you can read all the dials and screens almost like being there. One fun thing I did in the A10C is stick my head thought the floor and release that in the A10 you are basically just riding on-top of a giant cannon! Really makes you appreciate the power between you legs! I'm hoping to treat myself to a new gaming r
  13. Ahh he didn't say what year! :megalol:
  14. I think LOMAC used to have a save option but it often didn't worked that well, (a bit like the playback track system) so I guess that is why they dropped the save system.
  15. How much RAM do you have? I have 8GB and I wonder if it is running out and crashing. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
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