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  1. OMG, Finally Works here in Australia too.
  2. Just installed. Brilliant work. Thanks Teka.
  3. There goes away all my respect to the dev. I thought they were bunch of cool and smart people but they don't seem to love us back. Do they?
  4. WOW, I just joined Dual Core club by upgrading myself to Core2 Duo. This CPU has got to be the best CPU ever in my 20years of PC gaming. After spending so much money to get Lockon to run smooth for the past 2 years, I now realise that all I had to do was wait for Intel release this CPU. E6420 runs Lockon FC like dream even without overclocking but overclocked to 3.2Ghz it runs like haven!
  5. I bought a new CD version of FC because I couldn't activate my online version FC on my new shiny Core 2 Duo for many days. I didn't even know Starforce is also online based copy protection as well. I feel like I am an idiot liking this game and respecting the developer so much. So If this Starforce company goes bankrupt all my starforce copyprotected game is to be thrown into bin? Is this what I get for being royal & respecting ED? I really want to use F word now.
  6. I upgraded my amd to intel core 2 to play lockon better but can not activate it. Why does it take so long to fix this problem? I love this game and respect the development team highly and I don't deserve being ignored this way.
  7. I am running lockOn at 4xAA 16AF, 1680x1050 resolution. Recently upgraded(?) from 2x 7800GTX SLI to 8800GTS but seeing no FPS gain except IQ. The frame rate of the game is so bad I have to play with either visible range = medium or water = medium to make the game playable (everything else at high). Tough choice but I usually set water = medium other than visible range cut. My spec is AMD 3700 sandiego @ 2.7ghz, 2x 1GB RAM, 8800GTS on windows XP professional. I heard many people saying this game is badly optimised but after I play FSX I have to disagree with them be cause FSX doesn't
  8. On my AMD 64 3700+ @2.7Ghz with 8800GTS. Huge difference in avg Frame rates but no real difference in minimum FPS. A10 Oil terminal mission sees no noticable difference over my 7800GTX. Feels good to have it but overall no gain for me.
  9. I have been loving video games for 25 years but I have never loved any video game more than the LockOn.
  10. you probably should reinstall lock-on from scratch. Have you overclocked you GPU/CPU? I find lockon the most senstive to overclocking.
  11. Why does that screen shoots look less impresive than LockOn. Didn't microsoft have 3 years to learn from ED?
  12. I confirmed that there is no benefit having 2 graphics card in lomac so my guess is get 1 ATI. However I have 2x 7800GTX running SLI mode. I got this just to play lomac with high AA such as 8xSLIAA. I does fantastic job doing it. if you need high AA get good nvidias and make them SLI.
  13. I believe it is for only the paid users so I will be downloading it tomorrow. By the way subscribing gamespot is not a bad idea I initially made regreat but overall benefits are quiet reasonable.
  14. Touch buddy is a fantastic idea & software. I have it and loving it. Although I only use A-10 profile at the moment. There are all most limitless potential in touchbuddy.
  15. You probably need to give us your system specs. List of hardwares and which OS? Is your graphics driver up to day? DirectX?
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