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  1. I think your first assumption is correct. There's no excuse for someone to have to wait two months just to be told someone in sales will contact me. They even wrote back before this to ask if i was having the same problem with getting a key? two weeks later I had to write him back to find out it's up to sales... Either tell us that you will still provide keys, or that you won't. But stop wasteing our time with email reply's that might as well be from an automated service. There almost to the point of being condecending.

  2. Ok. I think we can all agree that were getting the runaround when it comes to getting a new activation key. I mean if I were to post all the emails that tech support replyed with, (all four of them in a two month time span) it would be quite obvoius. So how do we get the ball rolling on this?

    Emailing them doesn't help. Posting here so far hasn't helped. I'm getting the feeling that for whatever reason they won't be offering any more new activation keys.

  3. I'm in the same boat here as far as getting a new activation key. I think it's been over two months now and i'm still waiting... I've been through several emails to tech support and the last one they told me this, "

    Hello, Your message was forwarded to sales service. Wait for responce please.

    Best regards Tuseyev Daniel ED lead tester." This was on the 28th of Augest. Never got a reply after that. Thanks Daniel. Christ...

  4. Well someone finnaly contacted me. They wanted to know if I was still having the same problem... My answer, yes. Four days later and no reply so I email tech support again. Their answer this time? We will foward your email to our sales department.

    This has been going on for over a month now. One thing I won't do is buy their product twice. They have my money, and now I might as well not have the product. Tech support? My ass...

  5. Wish I could offer some help. I'm having the same problem myself. I emailed StarForce only to find out that they don't provide new keys for their software. I don't understand why not.. So I'm still waiting to hear back from tech support here. But here's exactly what StarForce support told me. Someone really needs to address this problem. I'd hate to see everyone who purchased the game here having to buy it twice because of somthing as simple an activation key...




    Serial numbers management is fully up to the publisher, you should contact LockOn support with this.


    Best regards.


    Sergei Komissarov

    Customer Support Group

    StarForce Technologies

  6. I'm sure I can't be the only one with this problem guys. About a week ago I was trying to activate my copy of FC when StarForce told me I needed a new activation key. So I'm assuming you can only activate a certein amount of times?


    First I contacted StarForce and here's what they told me. "Hello

    Serial numbers management is fully up to the publisher, you should contact LockOn support with this. Best regards." So I thought, ok, LockOn should be able to provide a new key. I email tech support to find out they need to contact StarForce. Four days later and I still haven't heard back from LockOn's tech support. I'm starting to get the feeling i'm getting the run around here.


    So now I'm stuck with a product I purchased from this site that I can no longer use. All i'm asking here is no more than what any paying customer should be entiltiled to. I shouldn't have to purchase the game twice just because neither side is willing to step up to the plate and provide a new key. I don't think i'm out of line by asking that if you can't provide support for my problem, then why not offer me a refund on my purchase or another copy of the game?


  7. I've just started having problems with starforce. It's telling me I need a new activation key before I can load the game. I emailed starforce only to find out that I need to contact the maker of the game.. I've emailed the tech help here but I haven't heard from them yet...

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