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  1. Recently, I landed the UH-1 on the flight deck of the USS Normandy and noitced the the aircraft slides across the deck. Will this ever be fixed?
  2. I think I figured out what is going on. According to the manual, you have to turn the BATTERY off after you start the engine. I guess it doesn't have an alternator like a car. If you don't then it will drain and you won't be able to restart the plane later. Just make sure you have the GENERATOR on, or the plane will die when you turn the BATTERY off.
  3. I thought I read that the track isn't a direct recording of the mission, but rather it just records the inputs of your controls and uses them in the game engine. I think that's a disk space saving strategy.
  4. Why are you hitting the "kill switch?" I think that's only for emergency stops. Stop hitting it and see if that clears your problem up.
  5. Nevermind...I figured it out. You have to stay low level and go over the major dock area then climb to 3 to 4km. I was also confusing the bay with the harbor.
  6. I can't get through the recon mission. I must be missing a goal somehow, but I'm not sure what 's wrong. I fly past the enemy airport, turn into the bay and start climbing to 3 to 4km, but I never get a pass. What's up?
  7. I'm pretty sure the Oxygen wasn't on because I tried it again with it on and made it to 40k without dying.
  8. No. It was in the Bf 109 Challenge Campaign. No enemy anti air assets.
  9. I thought they modeled malfunctions with the pilots now! Strokes, heart attacks. wait they need to model severe airsickness! Picture it! You're flying along and turning, and before you know it, you toss your cookies all over the cockpit!
  10. If it was hypoxia then why did it happen so suddenly and not start showing symptoms at a lower level?
  11. I was flying a mission in the Bf 109 above 35,000 feet when my pilot suddenly and instantly died. One second I'm flying along happy the next second I'm staring at my wingman's plane from the F2 postion. Is this supposed to happen?
  12. I just ordered mine!!! Fix this thing before I get it. Mouse should be primary switch control not center view of Oculus!
  13. The F-15 canopy should move much like the Su-27, but doesn't in the game. It should move down then forward when closing and back then up when opening. Is this ever going to be addressed? [ame] [/ame]
  14. I've noticed that the Su-27 does not have the high power (compressed air?) engine sound in the front of the aircraft. That's why it's engines never sounds like it's running at high power. Perhaps, it's missing a sound file? Must I envoke this video again? [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9By6bPn3DM[/ame] So, where is the ear splitting deafening whoosh of the engines at high power?
  15. I should post the video I made of Marine F/A-18's doing high speed simulated bombing runs. The sound is ahead of the jet; like a low rumble building a few seconds ahead and then it explodes with a roar as it passes by.
  16. Computers can be wierd sometimes. I did the repair, but no dice. I go away for a few days and it fixes itself. I don't know what happened.
  17. No voices in game. All other sounds seem to be present...
  18. What he really wants is a computer simulator of a Link Trainer!!! Then he can be properly addressed as, "Cadet!"
  19. I'll tell you exactly what this BTF is...IRRITATING! CADET!?! There are no cadets in A-10C training. By the time you get to A-10 training you're already a commissioned officer (1st or 2nd lieutenant). The trainer is going to address you as, "lieutenant!" not "Cadet!"
  20. I don't believe this gun is modeled accurately. These rounds are supposed to be high explosive incendiary rounds! Yet, I shoot a MiG-15bis in the face and it has no noticeable effect on it. Is this total Russian loving B.S?
  21. The main thing IRL between these aircraft is training, training, and more training. That is what makes the difference! The small differences don't really matter when you've trained the hell out of them.
  22. All we need to do is build tens of thousands of of F-20 Tigersharks. No one could defeat us!!!
  23. Build it! Then find out what it is used for...my minions!!! Muahahahaha!!!
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