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  1. I figured it out. I cut and pasted the ka-50 folder from its old install location D: to the C: drive. But, it turns out that I needed to installed from the DVD. Man I'm blowing through these stupid activations fast!
  2. I can't get module manager to see that I have BS1 so I can upgrade it to BS2.
  3. I'm one of those guys who can't remember to deactivate all my modules prior to upgrading my system. I think I fix all the ones listed on Wiki, but F-5E, L-39, and Gazelle are not listed in the Reg fixes. Please include them soon so I can fix them.
  4. I've seen an eagle wing off the plane. It's like it has door hinges with big pins that keep it on. They are steel or titanium structures.
  5. Obviously, we need a real war between flankers and eagles to settle this dispute!
  6. I have to say that not all aircraft look small in the cockpit. So far the UH-1 and the A-10 look right. I've flown in the back of a UH-1, and have flown an OH-58 (right seat).
  7. The most important improvement that could be made, and the simplest would be simple vectors for an ILS/PRMG approach with hard altitude assignments. A PAR Approach would be awesome, too! All of this would require the introduction of named fixes for each airport and an approach procedure that didn't drive you into the terrain with minimum vectoring altitudes around each airport. ATC should assign heading and altitudes with updates as your aircraft gets closer to the field to steer you onto final. Runway in use most aligned with wind.
  8. As for ATC, I'm familiar with American military and civilian ATC, but what is ATC like in Russia, or Georgia? I'm sure it's different. How would foreign military aviation work with or supersede local ATC? Who's ATC will we use? So, there are some options for how to implement ATC in the Black Sea region of the game. Done right, this could become a monster in the DCS World.
  9. Besides ATC there also exists other very important Command and Control elements in an AOR such as the Communications & Reporting Center (CRC). Here is an example of a mobile CRC that should be put in DCS because it is very applicable to this sim and it would give a very rich target for the OPFOR to attack. This asset is similar to a ground based AWACS, if not exactly the same: http://www.552acw.acc.af.mil/Library/FactSheets/Display/tabid/6889/Article/430827/control-and-reporting-center-crc.aspx
  10. Command & Control & Communication is far more involved than most people know in combat aviation.
  11. Defense Travel System sucks! I have no idea why you want to load it into DCS...
  12. Where wife is concerned...man up! Blurry...a little but well worth the immersion. By the time the next version comes out you'll have enough money again. The blur isn't enough reason to wait.
  13. At least an explanation was given, but it does look better completed. You know it will probably keep coming up for all eternity?
  14. Is there anyway to deactivate the Rift cursor in the cockpit so the mouse has sole control?
  15. Try the DCS F-15 in VR on the ground. Turn back and look at the wings and tell me it doesn't look like the wings are only 5 feet from the ground. Even looking around there is no sense of correct height from the ground while sitting on the ramp in any of the jets. These things feel like I'm in a low rider!
  16. I've sat in real F-4N, F-14D, F-15A, Hawker Hunter, A-4. The scales are off a bit. But even more irritating is that they are way too low to the ground standing on their landing gear. I've tested the DCS GUI screen. Do it yourself. Here's how. Stand up THEN start DCS and wait till it get to the GUI and see how big the Flanker looks now! Then sit down and look at it. Then hit the KP5 key and see it reduced in size and scale. There is something wrong here and it always looks wrong in game while sitting in the cockpit.
  17. For those of you who have never used DCS with Oculus Rift or something else that works. I have to tell you that you have no idea what you are missing. Even if you've heard what you are missing, you still have no idea what you are missing. DCS on a monitor is crap compared to it in the VR world. If you have two nads, then sell one and get he cash to get the rig and VR headset to play DCS. You won't regret it! My wife is very afraid of heights. She ripped the headset off when I put it on her head. Total immersion so real that you will forget where you really are and what time it really is.
  18. I'm still struggling to figure out where my limitations are. My first Gen Core i7-970 and GTX1080 are kicking but and taking names. Where is your i5-4590 now? Oh, and for getting sick, this is an fighter simulator if you aren't getting motion sickness then you need to switch to an airliner simulator....cause you ain't flying it right!
  19. The aircraft in VR are too small. They seem to be 2/3 to 3/4 of the real aircraft in VR mode. That maybe unfixable, but I thought I'd mention it.
  20. Alt-Enter for full screen? Wow! That sounds like DOS...:)
  21. Integrity First! Service Before Self! And, Excellence In All We Do! Aim High!
  22. Otay, I did what was suggested and what a pain that is. I guess I should have also mentioned that I'm running sound with the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Titanium X-Fi, a dedicated sound card that runs it's own drivers and volume control with all that crazy Dolby Digital/DTS, etc. So, it now becomes rather cumbersome to switch things around when I want to go and listen to my Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 speakers, or use my Klipsch headset. What a pain. Can't DCS just grab the output device specified in setup and let it go when it is exited? That sounds so much more user friendly and market friendly. I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy.
  23. I'd suggest putting a Headphones option in the VR tab of the Setting.
  24. The compatibility software says my CPU (i7-970) isn't up to specs (i5-4590 recommended), but after upgrading my GPU from GTX 580 to the GTX 1080, the Rift works just fine even with my old i7-970. However, I already purchased the i7-6700K (2nd highest single thread score, LGA1151) and other parts so things should only get better from great!
  25. I like your flight models. They feel very believable.
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