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  1. Is there a way to activate/deactivate large numbers of modules all at once. If not, then wouldn't this become a serious problem in the future as the number of modules grows?
  2. What I'd honestly like to see: F-4B/C/D/E/F/G/J/K/M/N/S Phantom II F-102 Delta Dagger F-106 Delta Dart F-8 Crusader A-4 Series Skyhawk F7U Cutless F-9 Cougar F3H Demon F-11 Tiger OV-10 Branco F6F Hellcat F4F Wildcat A6M Zero F4U Corsair P-38 Lightining
  3. I'd like to see: F/A-22 T-65 X-Wing Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Fighter BSG Viper USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) :) Just saying...F-22 will never happen and it's already been stated officially, I believe.
  4. The issue of excessive crosswind may be why people have a hard time staying on the runway. If there is no wind, then you need to develop your skills. Learn finesse. That's what I was told when I tried to do a loop in a real Marine F-4S simulator at K-bay. The damn thing would not go over the top. The pedal shaker went crazy instead!
  5. It definitely helps to keep the stick back about halfway during takeoff and landing roll!
  6. If they didn't have an activation limit then everyone on earth could activate the game with one code and ED would be out of business the next day. What I don't understand is why they care how many times the module is deactivated. reactivation is one thing, but deactivation?
  7. That's why aircraft have fuel dump capability. You can't land when you're too heavy.
  8. As beautiful as the Su-27 is, it's no F-15! The F-15 is simply a much better aircraft. The Russians try, but they have never quite been able to match the same level of excellence as the US aircraft industry. This is why everyone was so shocked when the Su-27 and MiG-29 were first revealed.
  9. No.real life is not off in the US. The game isn't US though...
  10. Please! As a real life controller, this is called, not being familiar with the field. You need progressive taxi instructions. If you're supposed to be based there then you need to become familiar. In anycase, ATC doesn't work like real life, so you have to become familiar with all bases you use.
  11. What you really need is Oculus Rift VR headset!
  12. I don't know if it's my imagination, but it seems that updates may contain more fixes, tweaks, etc than is reported in the update log. Is that true at all?
  13. This sim is for aircraft that made it to full production. There is a huge number of aircraft that did not. However, I would love to see the Goodyear blimp!
  14. Hopefully, a real F-15 module will be made some day.
  15. According to Eagle Engaged, when the pitch reaches 13 degrees or more during aero braking the HUD symbology starts flashing to warn of imminent tail strike.
  16. Ok, now we have it sort of working right, but its flash rate needs to be reversed (if possible). As it is now, it's mostly off with a quick flash on; but the real one is mostly ON with a quick flash OFF. Can this be done?
  17. Eagle Engaged states that flaps only effect stall/approach speed by 3-5 knots. They only have them because Air Force insisted.
  18. There is a difference in the amount of fuel between the right wing and the left wing. That would do it. Just trim the difference out. That's what I do and it works just fine.
  19. My dogfighting skills have improved vastly thanks to being in a true VR environment. I've not plowed into the ground since and it has been mush easier to track the enemy!
  20. http://i1010.photobucket.com/albums/af222/mytai01/Screen_160810_202436.jpg?t=1470868918
  21. I think I found an error in the 3D model from the inside of the cockpit.
  22. Nope! It didn't work. I got no results.
  23. Where are my control assignments located so I can move them to a new install of the game?
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