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  1. Sorry, I wasn't clear. Several years ago, the modelling for player controlled aircraft was improved for takeoff handling. So, I'm asking for a review to see if it can be improved further. Perhaps improvements in computers will allow that.
  2. As a tower controller I see aircraft taking off 5 days a week for over 30 years. Something I've noticed with real aircraft, as opposed to flight simulators like DCS, is the smooth transition from departure roll to airborne. It seems that real aircraft have a bit more elevator/stab authority, and the tail comes alive sooner and smoother. So, what I'm asking for is a review of the take-off flight model for player controlled aircraft to see if it can be made better...
  3. Here's an example of a fire about 10 miles away. The smoke rises between 2-3 thousand feet. Notice that it doesn't keep going up?
  4. I just found out that the Corsair has a version of the same engine as the P-47D, the R-2800 Double Wasp. That's great since it could help in getting the Corsair out of the hangar and into the air...hopefully.
  5. Disabling the feature fixed the issue...
  6. I seem to have random instances where my mouse works with my headset off, but as soon as I put it on, the mouse stops working at all. I doesn't always happen, but it's random and I don't know what's causing it... I have a G2 headset and a corsair mouse.
  7. I noticed that some of the American skins have two roundels on the bottom of the wings. Is that correct?
  8. Ops! I forgot to check the date on that one, but a plus version sounds interesting. I wonder if anything was done that would be noticeable in DCS's Hornet?
  9. Due to shortages, the USMC is bringing back some F/A-18C's and upgrading them to F/A-18C+
  10. I noticed something on the engine sounds during jet spool down. During the high RPM portion of rotation the sound of the blades clanking as they do when they are just being turned by the wind. If there's enough RPM the centripetal force will keep the blades from clanking. The clanking noise only happens at very low RPM.

  11. I discovered that if I put the main power switch to MAIN PWR, and add ground power, the LG Handle can be lowered as normal. At least it works in DCS.
  12. IRL, it is an important enough checklist item to get a special WARNING note to make sure the LG handle is positively in the down and locked position before applying any power to the jet.
  13. The down permission button doesn't appear to be a thing in game. It would probably be annoying it it were in the game as no one has a control stick with such a button. I guess it's just an automatic thing.
  14. The Dash-1 seems to indicate that the O2 pressure can be read before starting the jet. It's in the Dash-1 to read the level before engine start, but it reads zero in the game?
  15. The Dash-1 for the GE engined F-16 states that during the SEC Check to "snap" the throttle to MIL power and then "snap" it back to idle when it reaches 85% RPM, but in the game, if you wait for it to reach 85% the engine will die first. What gives? The Dash-1 says to look for smooth engine operation.
  16. I discovered that if I press the DN LOCK REL button and raise the LG Handle on the ground in a cold & dark jet, the LG Handle becomes stuck in the UP position. Is it supposed to do that?
  17. Is the ALT GEAR handle going to be made to work at some point? Or, is it not operational in the real aircraft anymore?
  18. The two JFS Doors aren't modeled in DCS. This is the only video that I've found that shows them at least closing. Go to 2:30 in the video if you don't want to watch the whole thing.
  19. Is there a way to start a survey in this forum? I wanted to ask a question about gear up landings amongst DCS players...
  20. All the M61A1 Vulcans should sound the same. That would be a logical conclusion. there's no reason that it would sound different in any fighter type aircraft, and that includes the F-14. Therefore, it should sound the same in DCS in all other aircraft. Being mounted in different locations on different aircraft isn't going to change anything but the direction from which it's heard, but that's not a sound change. It'll still have the same buzz saw sound at 100Hz. The tone would be the same, the intensity might be a little more or less in different jets but not likely by much.
  21. I'm not offended by any of the hostility shown by some. It's amusing. No one should be afraid to speak their mind, nor that someone will have their feelings hurt, least of all the developers and consultants. I'm sure we all want to see the most realistic experience that can be had on the PC. That is the point of a simulation!
  22. Have you missed the point of the forum? One of the most important purposes is to report possible bugs. Or, anything of concern about the products that these companies are producing. HB stated that they wouldn't change anything unless the SME said something about it. If Victory 205 is the SME, then he stated he didn't say anything, one way or another, about it. I brought it up as a possible issue. The adults can decide if they want to address the issue, or not, but I'm going to report it, never the less. Scoffers not withstanding. Thanks! I've already had a busy day outside...
  23. I'm not sure what's going on with you, but you're out of line. You've provided zero legitimate input. You're stuck making nonsensical personal attacks. I'm confident that developers and SME's are all big boys & girls, that can handle some criticism. And, if they aren't, then oh well. It's still coming. Besides, we've already established the the SME wasn't asked about the subject, and didn't comment on it. The choice was made by others at HB. BTW, ED only came up with their Vulcan gun sounds a few short years ago. It's a vast improvement from what it was.
  24. Hilarious movie! I try to stay away from Hollywood as an example, or anything that seems like it's had sound added in post production. It would be wrong to say that a video of an actual weapon with raw sound is a legitimate source of information. Repeated such videos add to the body of evidence. None of it supports HB's rendition. At this point, you're kind of joking around about the issue, it seems...;)
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