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  1. Please consider implementing this effect on the Jet Engine Blades that can be seen for a smoother transition... Especially, the A-10...fan blades...
  2. I just watched You will notice the wingtips flex as the pilot pulls up... Stop all other projects until this petty issue is made to happen!
  3. mytai01

    IFR vs IMC?

    It is what it is...
  4. Don't forget having the canopy break as your VR head goes crashing through it...;)
  5. The next thing people will be asking for is realistic aircraft! Unbelievable!!! Right?
  6. You might have other issues, but try rebooting with the G2 unplugged and set it up again...otherwise, you may have bigger Windows problems...
  7. I already told you folks...IT'S YOUR SOUND VOLUME...turn it down, and see...
  8. mytai01

    IFR vs IMC?

    My profession is in aviation. I just wanted to see if anyone else was familiar...but yes, you have my undying praise!
  9. Is there some way that the view in VR can be confined to keep our heads from poking through the canopy? Some of the jets have a pretty small area in real life (ie-MiG-19), and we shouldn't be able to stick our head outside...;) Below is a video that illiterates how in VR our head can pop out of the cockpit... https://youtu.be/CtrS0yiKrsg
  10. I had this problem too, and this was the fix...this issue was already identified as being caused by the volume being up too high...I forgot where I found this out...maybe it's in this forum...;)
  11. Here's my latest video of the DCS: F-16C vs DCS: JF-17...
  12. mytai01

    IFR vs IMC?

    Correct!!! You win my undying praise...;)
  13. If these were real aircraft, I would agree that I need to work on my flying skills, but they are not real aircraft. The flight model in the DCS: F-16C is not where it should be, yet. The other aircraft in DCS are very much different in handling qualities. Your, "PC-fighter-jock" sarcasm is non-sense. Hopefully, they'll figure out what's wrong with the flight model and fix it... It wouldn't surprise me that there are compensations built into PC flight models. Remember how crazy the flight model was in the SA342 when it was first released? It was very wild to handle. I'm sure a similar maturing
  14. I tried to fly the F-16 against the JF-17, but I found it completely impossible to maintain any airspeed, or control authority. So, I jumped into the F/A-18, and found a completely improved experience. I would say the JF-17 AI is performing well beyond reality against the DCS: F-16C, but after taking it on in the DCS: F/A-18C, I'd have to say the DCS: F-16C flight model is like flying in molasses. Sum ting Wong with the DCS: F-16C flight model, or the real F-16C is a piece of junk compared to the other aircraft...I've included the mission that I've been flying. Also, I just swap out various ai
  15. mytai01

    DCS 2.7

    Secrets revealed...
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