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  1. How about the heat of ATC instructions?
  2. Thanks for your response, but this is the age of plug & play...not jumping through your own rear-end to make things work...????????
  3. I have the Oculus Rift CV1 & S2, I also just got the HP Reverb G2. I unplugged the Oculus headset from the PC. I only have the G2 plugged in, but when I start DCS it starts the Oculus software! G2 doesn't even work with DCS (standalone Beta). I see G2's home page, but nothing with DCS. When I first started using CV1, it detected and displayed DCS right out of the box. G2 isn't doing anything with DCS. What gives? I don't know, but I thought this kind of thing would not happen because ED would have been way ahead of the curve and working with these VR companies to make sure everything went
  4. Can the G2 and DCS stand alone beta version play together?
  5. That doesn't help me shed weight for dogfights! I want to know when I'm flying in the game, if the weight of the plane is with Phoenix rails or not...;)
  6. I noticed in the Weapons Loadout Page on ME that the when I remove the Phoenix Launch Rails the overall weight of the F-14 stays the same!
  7. I don't like the S2 with DCS. The IPD can't be changed mechanically, so it can't be adjusted to fit my eyes well enough. I have to set the CV1 IPD to the maximum setting to get the right look when I'm parked on the ramp. Which means, it looks like I'm sitting with my head 8-12 feet above the ground, depending on aircraft. If you put the mechanical IPD to the minimum setting, it looks like you're but is practically sitting on the ground from the cockpit. Even the IPD setting in the game doesn't have the same effect as the mechanical adjustment. The game setting only changes the apparent size of
  8. I've been experimenting with the different view options while replaying one of my track files. I originally played the mission in VR, and so when I watch it on a monitor it looks too close to the front panel and If I try to zoom out, the connection between my VR head movements is broken and I'm left with either keyboard or mouse control to move my head around in the cockpit. If there isn't a way to resume the previously recorded head movements, and change the level of zoom, then I'd like to see that...As things are now, it makes videos posted on YouTube look too zoomed in...
  9. If anyone ever gets the chance to sit in the real aircraft, remember. The IPD adjustment in the game only affects the scale of the aircraft you're in. If you have one of the sticks that TM sells then use this to compare the size of the real one versus the VR stick and adjust the IPD accordingly. Otherwise, you'll have to do so using your memory to get the right scale. Mechanical IPD affects more the height of the aircraft from the ground. Depending on what VR headset you have, you'll have to adjust this to get the right apparent height above the tarmac...;)
  10. How do I adjust the zoom level in a track file without losing the original VR head tracking?
  11. You folks at ED have over complicated the audio of this game, or there's a bug...I have AE-9, an LG Monitor, and Rift CV1. So far, I can't get full sound on my AVI, or that other compressed video output that you guys made. There is nothing on the log that stands out as an error message, so it might be my choices of audio, I don't know... All I know, is I don't have full sound on my videos... You can look at my video on my YouTube Channel...mytai01...search for it. I have a whole bunch of BFM videos I want to upload to it, but I can't get the sound right in the AVI, or the other one. Everything
  12. I found nothing in the log to indicate problems...????????
  13. I made an AVI Video using the feature in the ME, but it's missing some of the sounds. The track plays fine, just the video is having problems. I've noticed this in both video formats (I haven't tried WAV). I've provided the track file, and the AVI file on my YouTube Channel demonstrates the sound problem I'm having... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH6FbZ_Hv3M MiG-29A vs F-16C.trk
  14. I don't think everyone knows how important this folder is...;)
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