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  1. 20 minute video, FA-18 Hornet flight from Sukhumi to Batumi using only one VOR station (Kutaisi).
  2. Haven't had but a half hour in the TWO so.... how DO you recenter the TGP? Or, do you have to slew it back?
  3. She flies beautifully. Lots of new stuff to get memorized. First landing, I overran the runway because I forgot to add in the mapping for the toe brakes. Once she gets going in the air, it seems like she just doesn't want to slow down. (Fully loaded, I can understand that. but all I had on was two 65D's.) Take-off was just as the IRL pilots say: rotate and just let her ease up on her own. Oh, and the trim tabs on the HOTAS are mapped with LCTR included on the TM HOTAS trim button. I changed that to just the trim button on the stick. HMCS is a killer!!!!! Sure wish we had THAT on the Hornet.
  4. It's up. 1.2 GB of update (after the Deltas update)
  5. "Access to this product is allowed only for beta testers at the moment." Dam, dam, dam, dam... and dam! Posted too soon! Order was completed Dear customer, Your order # ******* of 09/30/2020 15:09:18 has been completed.
  6. How come I can't get a paddles call in my A-10C? Ha! Got a giggle out of someone, probably. The real reason I post this is to thank you, Bankler, sincerely for your work on these carrier ops missions. (Why doesn't ED hire you for your skills?) Thanks, man. Mac, RTB.
  7. With Bogeys?????? If you have a data link to another aircraft, it cannot be a bogey, as defined. Bogey means that you DON'T know if it is a friendly or an enemy. As I understand it, you can only get a data link from a friendly.
  8. Cantilever beam - single load - deflection Maximum Reaction Force at the fixed end can be expressed as: RA = F where RA = reaction force in A (N, lb) F = single acting force in B (N, lb) Maximum Moment at the fixed end can be expressed as Mmax = MA = - F L where MA = maximum moment in A (Nm, Nmm, lb in) L = length of beam (m, mm, in) Maximum Deflection at the end of the cantilever beam can be expressed as δB = F L3 / (3 E I) where δB = maximum deflection in
  9. Uh.... okaaaayyyyy.... now, cut a donut with your jet.:music_whistling:
  10. FYI. There was nothing wrong with DCS. There were several problems with Win 10. But the cause of the crash was the cpu was OC'd to 5.1 GHz which was a bit too much. I backed it off to 4.971 and, so far, is stable. (Yes, it's watercooled.)
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by =Mac= View Post ... I have two gaming rigs. Can I put all my DCS stuff on BOTH rigs but only run one DCS at a time? (I have all the modules and terrains.) Yes, you can. Done! YES!!!!! (downloading 191 GIGAbytes currently. Wow.)
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