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  1. Bts, try to hear all the sounds, all these switches before starting the engine. This is not included in Wag's video from today
  2. The first part of this video was officially declassified by Czech army. The second part of this video is classified and inaccessible to the public. English translate (by PaletoB) External Inspection & Engine Test 00:24 Military attack helicopter Mi-24D is intended for filling the demanding assignments of contemporary battle. In order for the helicopter to fulfill this role reliably and safely, it’s required that the helicopter crew with the cooperation of military engineers perform critical checks before each flight. The crew commander directs the on
  3. Many thanks DeadMeat. I did it! I didn't originally know the exact position of the spring. Now with your video, I solved it. It was really helpful.
  4. @DeadMeat One more question, does the little metal rod have to go through the spring? Or the spring is located outside this little metal rod?
  5. Hi @DeadMeat, I would need advice on exactly how to get paddle lever spring back. I couldn't get the spring back Much thanks for help.
  6. 1) Its wrong imagine. IRL there are massive "twins" concrete shelters. Nothing like standard civil hangars. https://www.google.cz/maps/place/Ad+Dumayr,+S%C3%BDrie/@33.6184299,36.7625422,1321m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x151860d42c6b5a53:0xda74cd8cd5955167!8m2!3d33.6416!4d36.6903289 2) This shelters are for Su-24/ Mig-23. Nothing like US A-10 :D
  7. Its bug from 2018? Two years old critical bug and nobody from the ED not solved it? Simply NS430 module on the PG map is not usable ..
  8. Mee too. NS430 mounted in Mi-8 on the PG map. Its bugged and NOT usable in this state !!
  9. Thanks guys for info and clarification.
  10. No, it's not. Its only about new 3d parts on external model, counting bullets in hitboxes, changes in FM (how plane fly without missing part) stand next things in coherency like damaged gears physics etc .. Simply, the F-14 module in this state is unfinished.
  11. By ED for ED modules But F-14 is 3rd party ..
  12. Hi all, I checked DM model F-14 - damaging external model as is seen in this video, also I tried test damage model in-game - and I find out that the damage model is not finished. Time from 9:06 Is there any plan by Heatblur to finish this thing?
  13. Hi all, founded a serious issue - tracking LMAVs - laser mavericks on Harrier DO NOT work. Missile simply goes down and crash before hit the target. It's not tracked anyway. This issue go for fixing by the ED quote in Razbam discord RAZBAM_Prowler Harrier LMAVs in previous versions worked ok but after hornet implementation, do not work. related thread to this bug: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=276428 https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4376391&postcount=18
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