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  1. Thanks Qui Gon. Sorry, I should have typed format = North DD.MM.MMM East DDD.MM.MMM...
  2. Hey folks. I've got an issue with the F16 that if I enter a custom steerpoint, it ends up about 120nm or so from where it should be. Tested and it's the same on all maps. I've entered the right coords in DDMM.MMMM format. Any ideas?
  3. ...this time focused on DCS cinematic video channels:
  4. A Samurai 1-1 Tutorial: How I find, select and destroy targets on Hoggit multiplayer servers:
  5. Anybody know if AI detection works with EMCON (ie: does AI have a harder time "detecting" me if I have radar off)?
  6. Hey folks. I'm the guy behind the small but growing Samurai 1-1 YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyd7X1Yx0NHfKOUt9IaLfaw) For my Youtube videos, I tend to use real-life pictures of Hornets for my video thumbnails, but I'd like to use in-game screenshots (edited or otherwise). The problem: I suck at taking screenshots. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in sharing some Hornet screenshots that I could use as a thumbnail for my videos. I'd be happy to give you a shout out in the video description and/or comments, and once a month or so I will do a "these are the
  7. This setup makes my setup cry with envy...
  8. Hey folks. So, I've created an F/A18 profile, but I'm noticing that sometimes the switches will flick back and forth a few times upon press. It will always end up on the correct representation of the switch in-sim, but it is a bit odd. Any thoughts? EDIT: BTW -- thanks Slaintemainth for your link and profiles. While my profile is custom, I *did* just lift your UFC and Radios folders, as well as a few other buttons...
  9. Ha! Yup, you are indeed correct. Thanks pal!
  10. anybody else getting this when launching after installing a DCE camp?
  11. You're a star pal -- got it working now! Thanks so much for your help!
  12. Thanks pal. I guess the issue is that my monitors are actually: |Monitor 2|Monitor1| |M3|M4| ...my brain hurts if I have to move my mouse cursor to the right side of my monitor to "move into" the leftmost monitor. I appreciate the help though...
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