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  1. well i delete rafale modules, now when i select multiplayer it works,but crashes as soon as i try to add bush carrier.............. dcs.log
  2. ok now i try again guys :) thanks for your help
  3. hi flappie, here we are ;)
  4. hello, i do not understand why dcs open beta crash since the very last update when i enter server list in multiplayer ......any suggestion?:(:(:(:( dcs.log
  5. well, i noticed that flying in f16 , ils for rwy 23 in ltag incirlik is not working.......nedddles on hsi are shown but not moving; instead ils for rwy 05 works perfectly. i set freq 111.70 idna, 229course, hsi in nav mode for f16.................:huh::huh::huh::huh:
  6. yes man....i give consent to edcore.dll but still crashing on start i moved edcore.dll and worldgeneral.dll out of quarantine but not solving
  7. dcs crash not opening dcs code cannot be executed because edCore.dll not found.......do not tell me i have to reinstall everything:doh::doh::doh::doh::doh: antivirus i have kaspersky. i gave consent to edcore.dll but still crashing on start edcore.dll and worldgeneral.dll put out of quarantine but not solving
  8. guys what is this? dcs is not opening any more...... execution of code cannot proceed because edCore.dll is not found? do not tell me i need to reinstall everything :doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh::doh:
  9. one thing i do not find anywhere...is there a way to calculate takeoff and landing speeds for the weight/configuration? sure i refer to aoa index for landing but i wonder if there is a precalculated speed value....... thank you:(:(
  10. ok , i will do.......but it seems a bug that has to be solved to me aniway :) :)
  11. well, when i use LGB bombs in CCRP MODE tgp is SOI and uncaged, laser code set, and i slew the cursor on target then tms up to point track why the TD BOX is not moving on the target and the same the BOMB FALL LINE?
  12. guys is there a way to know what is landing weight in case i have to make a flameout approach.....i know i have to add 5 kcas every 1000 lbs more than 20000lbs, but how can you check the weight , just add your fuel in the tanks to 20000lbs (plus external stores???). is there a more precise indication maybe in the ded?
  13. so.....config with two pylon tanks and 2 aim 9x on tips( cat 3 loading)......vref 180 kcas, touchdown 170 kcas ,2.5 degrees glide , aoa on 500 metres past threshold, aerobraking and nose gear down at about 130/120 kcas.....theviper still does not stop on runway available:doh::doh: so for me the are two reasons 1 (induced) drag coefficient too low or 2 brakes not enough powerful any way to check it ed please? :)
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