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  1. Since my dream of the Occulus Rift went down in flames ($1000AUD+ is too high for my limited budget) I was wondering on my options for headtracking with very low latency as I get somewhat nauseas with lag. I have a PS3 Eye, and a 3point IR cap I used with Freetrack which works ok although cumbersome and also a bit worried about future compatibility since the drivers are a PITA. I wouldn't mind the TrackIR but for $250-300 it's out of my budget for something I don't use regularly. I also a 10dof sensor board + arduino available to use but I haven't wired it up or played with it. Would this work better than the IR cap? Are there ways to do headtracking now with a Kinect style twin lens sensor? I wear glasses all the time so would that work well to track the edge of the frames which remain a constant shape vs the dynamics of a human face?
  2. I'd love to see the AH6 Little Bird, or something small, fast and agile. The bigger ones are a bit sluggish. Just out of curiosity, which of the helis in the poll would be similar level in agility to the AH6? And would the Apache be somewhat close?
  3. When the inverter is on, I get a very high pitch screach and it doesn't go away. It's making it near impossible to play the game, sounds like tinnitus! lol Sound is located to the rear of aircraft. DCS-A10
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