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  1. Hope you enjoy! Lacking a proper damage model but I'm having a of fun with this bird none the less!
  2. Over the last few days I've been creating a means to save, load and dynamically change the deck of your supercarrier! I've created a handful of templates for 4, 8 and 16 spawns along with some extras for mass recovery parked on the catapults, and blocked angled deck for large launches on any map. Using triggers you can spawn or delete these templates at will during the mission. You can find it here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309905/ I encourage you to watch my video for a guide on how to use lua templates and how to create your own! I'l probabl
  3. I have the same issue, I've narrowed down that it's only people using custom monitor lua file setups that are effected. I normally run 1 centre monitor plus 2 sides which i show MFDs on. With the 3 screen lua enabled no display on the LSO, with it returned to just the centre monitor the LSO camera works fine. Short term, stick to one monitor and your LSO cam will work.
  4. I'd be very surprised if it didn't gain a role selection like the Gamemaster/tac commander settings. However, i'd like to add to this that I'd like to ask the current passive external view mode(s) are kept regardless of what happens to allow players to spectate the LSO station even if it's occupied by someone else. This will allow people in large mp servers to spectate their friends after landing if they wish, in the event the actual LSO role is occupied. Of course only the actual LSO role player can interact with any of the settings and controls.
  5. Darn it i hoped no one would notice that one haha! Was recorded late in the editing to fill in a gap i was getting a little lazy :joystick:
  6. My system is a little under what i'd consider for VR in DCS, so i tend to avoid talking vr performance specifics. I usually fly with Trackir, but like to test things in VR (valve index) for review's sake. The SC is more demanding than the Stennis, i found my pc was struggling to keep up with re-projection and blacking out the edges where i turned my head fast on deck. I had no issues using SC with VR beyond performance. Standing on the LSO platform, being able to walk around my room to see the area was really neat, would love to be on vultures row or the bridge! You can also get a great
  7. My preview of the DCS Supercarrier module for everyone to see!
  8. You need to disable LSS mode by pressing the button.
  9. Yes, NVG's are available, you can see them in my Preview video :)
  10. Sure! my favourite bug was firing rockets removed drag from the rocket pod, giving negative drag, and so letting you get up to warp speeds, best i managed was mach 6 before the plane disintegrated at about 160,000ft This has already been fixed sadly. :megalol: Issues like TDC slew rate getting stuck (fixed) TDC cursor could escape and travel up to the hud, you can spot it happened in one of the bits on my impressions video (fixed) My biggest gripe is the A2G radar flashing when TGP is also open in certain situations (known issue, that ED needs to resolve) copying an empty waypoint will l
  11. I'd decided to go with some of the more advanced systems as the basics are easier to learn. I don't have the time to work up to it, so i prioritise difficult topics to try and help the most people where they might struggle. I highly recommend Chuck's work in progress guide and Jabber's channel too!
  12. Getting into some of the systems today to help everyone come launch!
  13. SD-10's get 30nm+ on closing targets at altitude. I've scored kills against closing migs that then turn defensive after launching at 30nm, there's an example of that in the Tacview in the video
  14. It's got good cruise endurance with 3 tanks. But moment you start operating it as a combat aircraft it's far more restrictive. You need to reserve enough fuel for a good stint in afterburner for self defence, carry heavier draggier payloads, fly at lower altitudes as dictated by the mission and operate the engine at higher levels in the combat area. These all eat significantly into the fuel load, couple that with carrying one or two tanks and you can see the issue. Some larger weapons like the Man in the loop or anti-ship missiles can only be mounted on the same pylons as the ones able to
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