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  1. ^Just to clarify - is the book specific on the following? In a forum post (on soldf) there's talk of 100 hours lifetime for the Sidewinder, not the wing itself. http://forum.soldf.com/topic/5168-saab-ja-37-viggen-aj-37-ajs-37-sk-37-sf-37-sh-37/page-23 Scroll down halfway to post 677.
  2. ^Depends on the design. With ships like the Soviet missile destroyers, if you minimize the aspect, you're also obscuring half of your gun CIWS and missile launchers. A Sovremenny can't point all its defenses in one direction.
  3. Non-pod flare dispensers were not standard back in 1970. There were still Phantoms delivered in the mid-70's without them, same with the early Mirage F1. Tornados have to carry a CM pod.
  4. There's a chart in the second post of the AJS discussion thread in this subforum. Look for the KB pod.
  5. That can happen to all CRT displays, no?
  6. ^If you mean grainy as in lots of small radar returns, that's a good thing, means you have high resolution. Then it's up to software to filter the picture and show you moving targets, buildings and so on.
  7. Afaik the intended effect would be a pressure wave that would break the keel of a typical destroyer.
  8. You're on the ED forums, you can't expect people to actually read a post before replying to it ;).
  9. He also said the M53 performed very well at high alts compared to the F-16 (I don't think he specified the F-16 engine, F100 or F110) and vice versa at low alts.
  10. Somewhat related to the above discussion: I've read interviews with Greek pilots saying their F-16 had an advantage* vs their M2K at lower altitudes, while the situation reversed at higher alts. Don't know which variants this applied to but IIRC the interviews were published pre-2010. *Not talking about turn rates specifically, but air combat in general.
  11. The MiG-21 manual actually instructs pilots to use certain curves with that module. Much has been written about short-throw PC sticks vs the real sticks.
  12. Maybe, I don't know, but I've read they fixed the vibrations in the JA by changing the ventral fin. Again I can't find that source, but here's a relevant forum post which references Krister Karling's book: http://forum3.sff.n.se/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=827 I think he is only talking about the AJ here. But you can see the JA's ventral fin has been redesigned, compared to the AJ's fin.
  13. The thing with the AJ-37 was the vibration issue (with the outer pylons) which reduced the lifespan very quickly. Didn't find my old magazines but found this poster who is an AF tech http://forum.soldf.com/topic/5168-saab-ja-37-viggen-aj-37-ajs-37-sk-37- sf-37-sh-37/?p=739377
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