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  1. I think it's something like Time over, something which would mean "After this amount of time is passed"
  2. For now FP dev is on hold, only maintenance.
  3. Ok so script is done. It works this way : call the leader tank XL and the follower XLBis (working on a way to simply assign them using F10 markers ingame) Then it's done. You'll get 4 radio menus in "formation", halt, join, recon 1500 m, recon 2500 m. From this i'm gonna work on a script to improve AI and getting it able to outmaneuver players. Nicolas 106_en.lua
  4. Well learning to code a bit on my side and trying to disturb as few as possible the mission makers in my squad ^^ I'll investigate what you explained me here, thank you
  5. Hi guys, I'm currently for CA purpose working on a lil script to implement a tank follower (see file attached). It works very well as of now but I have to use MIST (mist.groupToRandomPoint and mist.getHeading). I know that MIST has been made to improve comfort, and it does it very well. But I'd like the mission maker in my squad to load as few files as needed (this code would be implemented in an already done larger script). So my question is very simple : How would you : 1) Get the heading of a specific vehicle without using MIST 2) Getting it to do something similar to mist.groupToRandomPoint with the heading set All of this without using MIST ? Thank you for your insights Attached is the current script. Nicolas test2.lua
  6. Ah j'ai juste oublié de la virer c'est une farp de marsden... It's fixed. Welcome in the future marty
  7. Comes from the Frenchpack CA part. Disable it for now.
  8. IRL from retex in french army if you loose hydraulics on a puma you land fast or you're gonna die, controls simply are extremely hard and piloting the helo will be impossible( 4 tons pressure). And a Puma weighs from half to minimal kamov weight. A puma has 2 independant hydraulic circuits though. It's already been done surprisingly easily on gazelles though (they actually didn't bother landing until rtb) but a gaz weighs 2 tons, not 10 and the rotor-head weight is not the same. The huey comparison is pertinent as the rotor blades themselves weigh nearly half the helicopter. (steel) Which leads to it being impossible to steer without assistance. Being able to manually direct a huge coaxial system with 6 blades on which is attached a 10 tons piece of metal sounds weird to me too. But hey, won't complain, in its current status 80% times you get hit you loose your hydro... So well...
  9. Yes. Heureusement irl ça fait pas ce genre de flamme lol
  10. Le delai est de 3 min à peu près. Mais assure toi surtout que la cible soit au-delà de 5-7 km. Rayon de zone à 500
  11. Like any other artillery. Either assign it a target location in combind arms or in the editor in advanced action trigger a "fire on coordinates"
  12. @Pappy2Actually I don't think it was a bug. Basically the mortars would be "deployed" if the vehicle goes under red alert, which could happen if it has some ENI in sight.
  13. And too added the ModpackScript.lua DL link on first page
  14. FrenchPack V4.6 available on first page !
  15. Mauvaise langue lol 4.6 under upload
  16. Hi 3 things @clanithosry for late I have a lot of stuff to do here so you can reasonably expect the last fix to come this week I hope. @Aarnomanstatics already are included in the pack. @Igrok-kunthe last 4.5 version works, if it does not it's on your side I'm afraid. Unless ED again broke something.
  17. Yup I forgot that for frenchpack both were combined. I'll upload this week anyway a 4.6 version as I forgot some vehicles on the 4.5 emergency fix.
  18. Ah j'ai peut-être foiré un truc. Je regarderai la semaine pro.
  19. Normalement vous pouvez tour garder. Et oui le leclerc a son optique perso normalement.
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