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  1. Yup it was not a critic of your mission anyway as you said the most important is having fun.
  2. Well the lethality of HOT against infantry completely varies depending on the ground composition. A crew told us that if shooting at inf on a concrete road for example, the tungsten shatters simply killed or injured everyone in a +-30 m radius, while in sand, it was extremely limited. It's still a near 7kg tandem warhead, it's like getting a TOW exploding near you, you will hardly walk away from it. But there is not any thermobaric variant to it, we don't invest anymore in the HOT since it's undergoing replacement with the MMP. For the "keeping the weaponry for heavier
  3. It's a joke... Well actually no, it's my personnal vehicle ^^. To be completely transparent about this : I didn't get the liveries to work with this particular paint. I don't know why, which is why desert vesion is a separate version, and well, I then favorized my personnal paint. You too get it for the woodland version, it's the Dimitriov skin. It workef for this one, but not for the desert one...
  4. They do it irl a lot. First casualty in Mali was Damien Boiteux who was commander of a canon gazelle. He attacked infantry and got hit in the leg. IRL they now don't use canon gazelles, they prefer to send a HOT, and canon are retired. It's simply too dangerous for a very relative firepower. Though ofc in DCS I understand that HOT may look a bit oversized, it is too IRL if the ground is hard enough to deviate most of the energy and shrapnel. Juste like the hellfire actually, anti tank missiles have proved themselves to be very efficient against pacs.
  5. Could work with L yes, M would be better though.
  6. Hi, unfortunately I don't work anymore for polychop, I gave them the keys of it and fixing issues relative to the campaign or the gazelle itself should be their job... I got paid once for the campaign (and not a lot ^^), it's been 5 years, if they want it to be fixed it's their responsability I'm afraid... Because it would be countless hours to get it to work properly. Understand that I delivered a completely finished product and maintained it for free during one year, past a moment, I'm not the red cross ^^
  7. This mission is playable in multi player. I'm working on a serie of small missions now which would take place during the Dixmude operation campaign (the official gazelle campaign that I had made for its release). They will be playable up to 12 CA and 4 Sa342, planes being optionnal.
  8. Iglas already were attempted to be modded, including by me. It would require to recode the entire system which is obviously not possible, as the IR guidance "script" does not exist on Ka. You can get Iglas on your helo by editing few luas... But they won't shoot unless you edit them and set the igla sensor to laser guided and not IR, which, basically, means making a vikhr reskin with no use.
  9. I made a complex training mission for the Leclerc. You'll too get familiarized with some specific stuff of the frenchpack
  10. Hi guys So i decided to start to make a lil serie of missions using the Frenchpack. They would be multiplayer compatible. In this serie of missions, you'll have the ability to use a deep variety of unique features like : - Smoke defense systems against AI - Tank shelters building on demand - Repair vehicles via logistics - Layer mines - Ask for illumination flares - Better FLIR - Better UI ... And so on... First one is the "Polygone", which is a complete training ground. You'll learn to man a Leclerc XXI tan
  11. Hi, this is exactly the same issue as the one I reported yes... It's here for 6 months now . . . .
  12. On my side I'm gonna produce a Leclerc XXI missions serie. (Don't run away yet, read me first lol) First one is already done, I simply have to add texts, and is nothing else than a complete tutorial explaining all the particularities and functions on the vehicle (far more than basic combined arms tanks) with a firing polygon. For me Leclerc is more interesting than others not because it's french but because I was able to code far more gameplay features with FP than on base combined arms (Heat FS shells, working smoke screens, anti personnal grenades defense buble, real optics, armo
  13. Hi guys so here is the thing. CA community is little. And let's admit that playing our own made scenarios is a bit boring because, you know, there is no real surprise in it. I would like to start sharing some of mines but you would have to download a complete FrenchPack dev version so I guess most of you would not be that interested, though I will upload some in following days anyway. Would some nice people here be kind enough and share some of their missions ? Because from what I see, the sticked thread is dead for a while now. It actually would be grea
  14. At this size level, nuke her, I don't see anything else
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