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  1. Planes flipping on the runway also indicates the pilot is currently ROFLOL. :D
  2. Benchmarking ???? :smartass: Remember it is a pre-alpha shown to the audience the first time, with many people fearing what kind of machine is neccessary to run it. And as good as it looks, it will be a lot less hardware-demanding than LOMAC.
  3. If you want to stay with WinXP 32bit forever, that's fine, but you won't get drivers for 64bit or Vista. :mad: TM obviously has given up supporting that hardware - for almost any other stick and wheel there are newer drivers for other systems.
  4. That is not correct. The 8800gtx is about 600-650 Euros, little less US $. ATI confirmed their x2900 cards will be 150-200 bucks less than that, mostly because they manufactured their GPUs in the AMD-processing factories, which were much more sophisticated. It will also use a lot less power than the 8800 and produce less heat, accordingly. PS: 9550 is an AGP-card
  5. Thanks for the update. Let's hope the provided data for the A10 will bring us an A10-Addon or sim, sooner or later. Internationally, IMHO that would motivate a lot more people to get LOMAC, than the Russian planes. Especially the A10, as it is one of the most famous planes and still in service. :thumbup:
  6. :huh: The Voice-Input-programs I used are calibrated for your own voice. You don't need to say "Eject" to eject. Infact, you can map yourself saying "aaaaarghh" to eject, or whatever. It only has to be the same thing you say and in the same way, to make it work. So, I guess that language thing was rather some sort of a not so funny joke, as these tools can be very helpfull, especially for beginners.
  7. I also doubt that you'll need to engage or disengage the Batteries or Ejection-Seat-System in a fight, as well as you won't need to check cockpit-lights, engine starting system, canopy-hatch, etc. Just map the main functions to stick and keyboard and there you go.
  8. It's a bug. The gear is not rendered. Maybe a non-flyable made flyable? :D
  9. Cool! :thumbup: Ich glaub, ich fang auch mal wieder an zu basteln, wenn ich das sehe. Gute Arbeit und saugute Ideen!
  10. When we went to Bavaria early this year, we saw 2 AH64D Longbows. :thumbup:
  11. :smilewink: Nope - well, not completely. :D
  12. Indeed - but this date is not from a company inside the CIS, is it? You may remember FC was released to the western market via download only for several weeks, at least.:D So, if you say Christmas Eve is on 24/12/2006 means it is actually someday in December 2006? :music_whistling: One look down from the monitor and to my desk-calender - done. Took about 2 seconds.
  13. The delay was announced weeks, if not month ago. There was a beta-testing-thread on this forums, with some updates and it was clear that it won't be released this year, due to further information incoming about the systems of the BlackShark that the team wanted to implement and test. That has nothing to do, though, with the hypothetical release-date.
  14. Well, Aldega, you're long enough active in this community, to know EagleDynamics IS the producer AND publisher. So, while your first statement is true for 99% of the gaming market, it is not for LO:BS. "Done" is actually the state, at which it is released. There is no such thing as complete, but there is a state at which the main goals are met or the team decides to publish it for other reasons (like getting money for their work). At this time, it is "done", not "finished". :smartass: Other than that, giving the distance of that date ahead, it is a) completely nonsense to publish a concr
  15. Since when does a reseller know a releasedate before the programmers do? There is no release date, there never was and there won't be until it's done. So, reactivate your brains and wait for news first hand, not from somebody looking into some crystall ball.:doh:
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