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  1. yeah man one of the best things i have purchased thus far, and would love another one maybe when the price drops lol.
  2. thank you for your trouble that makes sense to me now ,rep inbound.
  3. thank you for the reply im missing something basic i cant even get anything at all on my sec monitor,most of the posts i have read on the subject are by guys who were half way there im not the best at editing files though kind of need some help from the beginning.
  4. your more advanced into this than i am man, good luck hope you get help so maybe i can figure mine out too.
  5. hi all i have tried to do this myself i only met fail my set up. center main 27inch 2560x1440 left 22inch 1680x1050 2xgtx480 sli latest drivers set to extend via windows. would someone mind showing me how to edit my lua files correctly really want this to work thanks in advance.
  6. yeah i only blew up a tank crew i think thats cruel and unusual:cry:
  7. i feel realy bad about, its now on my record for ever how should i be punished.:music_whistling:the heat of battle caused it to happen :cry: i think i lost all my medals? okay guys dont worry about this im a broken arrow sorry for the crap
  8. :doh:hey thanx for the links to vr guys looks a bit better price wise
  9. yeah i wouldn't be buying it from them, probably import one myself i realy should read this section more lol
  10. ok sorry any mod please feel free to delete my thread
  11. http://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/Thrustmaster-Hotas-Warthog/9216734/ damn nice bit of kit by the looks
  12. the default one under real game could not find a way of easily reinstalling it so i went line by line spaming default but could not save got dialogue box saying multiple errors does this mean i need to re install the game thanx in advance to anyone who even just reads this thread regards 5d
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