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  1. A shame a depository wasn't setup for CH Hotas profile downloads. A fantastic piece of gear that runs fine in Windows 10,just uninstall ,remove,disable,get rid of Windows Store ,in the task manager also and CH Manager and the CH Hotas perform as solid as a rock.
  2. I did find the fix for this. Removing Windows Store. If it sits in task manager as a process,end task and then magically the CH hotas controls connect again. There are ways of removing it on you tube.
  3. I tried to make a cmc file but it wasn't recognised in CH manager. I try to make profiles from other profiles but flight simming is for the extreme patient and I aint. I have read the dummies guide for the Ch hotas and the section on making a cmc file is very vague and I tried what they told me in the pdf but CH Manager does not recognise the file.
  4. CH Hotas is garbage in Windows 10,always disconnects.
  5. Buttons don't work. I remember I had to do something in CH manager. Don't know what,a delay function to get functions like flaps to work. I absolutely hate flight sims for Hotas setup. I spend more time farting around in my controls than actually playing the game,drives me crazy. Hardly played this because the controls are just too complicated,remembering what each button does,staring at an a4 sheet of paper,going blind. I think racing is more fun because of the simplified controls,flight simming is like putting your head on a chainsaw,no fun.
  6. Ty kindly. I will look into Joystick Gremlin. Looks more complicated to use especially creating a profile with shifted functions,CH manager is simple to use compared to Joystick Gremlin though it has a handy id checker.
  7. Bob Church,the creator of CH Manager has retired. Looks like we are stuck with 4.55a.
  8. I have windows 10 64 bit installed on a superfast M.2 ssd stick and it boots up wonderfully. Pity,CH Manager does not work in Windows 10 so am grounded.
  9. Looks great the specs,slightly higher res than the Rift and Hive. Looks like a great introduction for those who haven't dipped their toes yet. Great head tracking as well ,thanks for the info.
  10. I guess you can only use the buttons on the hotas and not shifted functions where you can double up the button use when you use CH Manager. It's when you download a map to the hotas through the software,that the muck hits the fan. The sticks become renamed CH Control Manager device 1 ,2 and 3 instead of CH Fighterstick,CH Pro Throttle and Ch Pro Rudder. I think it's this renaming that Windows 10 gets confused with and changes the id for the devices. If CH rejigged the software so the devices don't get renamed when put into mapped mode,maybe that would fix the problem?
  11. Don't you lose the shifted ability? Gees,seems like CH Products are neglecting their gaming peripherals. Hopefully they are working on something.
  12. Spoke too soon. Loaded another map,downloaded and bam ,grey buttons. There must be another setting I haven't explored doing this in Windows 10. Registry I'm guessing,I have to venture into the scene of the crime. The CURSE of CH Manager and Windows 10 continues...................
  13. OK , I disabled sleep mode for every usb device in device manager but forgot about another setting in Windows 10. Right click the start button,left click on Power Options,left click on Additional Power Settings,then what ever plan you have selected,click on change plan settings then Change advanced power settings,then a box will open,go to USB Settings and open up the list and set USB selective suspend setting to disabled. My controllers popped up again in game devices. OK,let's see how CH Manager fares this time. Hopefully I only report one more post with good news.
  14. Well ,after all that,the fault has sprung up again. Started PC,loaded a map,press download and get the dreaded grey buttons again. This remains unsolved and a mystery to me. DO NOT USE WINDOWS 10 if you want CH Manager working.
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