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  1. ED knocked it out of the park. In all honesty they surpassed Heatblur in their implementation, and proved a lot of the skeptics wrong with how a shared cockpit can be handled... That is saying a lot because HB paved the way on solid multicrew. I certainly hope this means Polychop will implement this in the Kiowa and fix that long borked Gazelle multicrew. Sort of a big deal for me as far as buying the Kiowa goes, I can't envision me having much time for a single crew bird when there are a few great multicrew offerings in the Huey and Hind. I get too much joy out of flying multicrew with frien
  2. Yea... I know... Comment made tongue in cheek...
  3. I've been around a lot of Apaches in my time and I've never seen a cockpit in as nice shape as that second picture!
  4. *Note to mods- sorry, after posting I realized this may belong in the Chit Chat section... Feel free to move it if that would be better!
  5. Ah yes... This thing and it's weird a$$ voice LOL. It is about the only annunciator that can out annoy the one in the JF 17! Useful video, nice find. Hadn't heard this in years.
  6. Just found this particular thread, k just want to say DAY ONE buy for this guy... You guys did an amazing job following through with the 101 (in spite of some dark times) and the Mirage F1 looks Heatblur level quality (which is high praise) Hope you guys have a great Christmas, can't wait to give you money!
  7. Your commitment to this aircraft is phenomenal, you can count me in on the next product from you guys!
  8. The impact of a 7.62x51 against a SAPI plate won't kill hardly anyone... It usually won't knock anyone around either. Speaking from my own experience with a body armor hit of a 7.62x54R, you know you got hit, and it scares the $$$$ out of you, but generally the impact itself may bruise at the worst. Those plates absorb a lot of shock. The reason the body armor is a non issue where the M-134 is involved is again, sheer number of projectiles. 1 or 2 hits against a SAPI plate generally wont defeat the body armor, but we are talking hundreds in a matter of seconds (or second, really..
  9. I have zero issues hooking up in the Jeff. One of the reasons is probably because I fly in VR and use a control stick that has a real world pitch throw (it's extended to length that is approximate to many real fighter aircraft). I'd consider looking into adjusting pitch curves a bit to see if that helps. There are just so many HOTAS systems out there, at such a wide price point, it can be tricky to get the feel of the aircraft right for everyone without tweaking.
  10. Don't think 2020 turned out the way anyone expected, so delays are definitely understandable this year of all years! I think Rotorheads will be in for a treat in 21!
  11. If I had to choose between the two, I'd have to pick the Hind, just because I suspect EDs module will show up more polished. Like some others have expressed, I need to see the Gazelle get some patching along with implementation of multicrew in the Kiowa to sell me on that module. Personally I think we may see the Kiowa first, but the Hind will probably release in a more complete state (multicrew, more bug free, etc).
  12. It has been this way for awhile now. The 7.62x51 NATO round is reliably leathal up to around 900-1100 meters (based on my rather unforunate real world experiences). Having been a real world M-134 shooter, I can tell you that if that thing hits anywhere near you at anything less than 1200 meters, it is all she wrote. Reason being is fragmentation and sheer amount of projectiles will overcome any body armor worn by the target. NATO SAPI body armor plates currently in use by the U.S. Armed forces will generally stop maybe one or two direct hits from a 7.62, but if you get tagged by the 134 your d
  13. If you don't like how the Shark flies, you wouldn't like the KA 52 either. The MI 28 also uses similar autopilot channels to my knowledge, however it's very unlikely they could get authorization to make that aircraft. I think you should give the Shark some more time. The MI 8, KA 50 and the upcoming MI 24 all share similar stability augmentation systems and they have come common traits in how they fly, with the KA 50 being a bit more advanced than the Hind or Hip (if I understand correctly). The Shark is one of my favorite helicopters to fly, but it took me a good few hours of commitment t
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