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  1. Wew.....atleast we know it isnt going to die now that its in your hands.
  2. Hahahaha. Lockon is in need of more western planes.
  3. Sounds good. Hopefully yen will pick it up when the Warthog is finished.
  4. Its not a sim sponge. That F/A 18E SuperHornet they created is for FSX
  5. I personally would like to see the F-18F Super Hornet model that EricJ was trying to get someone to build for him into LO. We dont have enough American Fighters.
  6. Well hopefully Eric J can post some pics for yen and borci and hopefully one of them will pick it up.
  7. Hopefully someone will come along like you said EricJ and finish were the others have left off.
  8. FWT are you going to try and build a Super Hornet??? Just guessing from your 3d max studio comment you posted earlier.
  9. Any updates on the project?
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