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  1. I keep this next to my throttle, works great for clicking stuff in the cockpit and navigating menus/desktop in VR. https://www.amazon.com/ELECOM-M-XT4DRBK-Wireless-Trackball-Left-Handed/dp/B016QCPRBM
  2. Well, technically CBU97 container is unguided, but the bomblets themselves are guided submunition. Any dumb bomb from the Mk80 series will kill a tank in DCS, if you're lucky enough to score a direct hit. With Mk-84 you can even miss a few meters.
  3. It has more to do with borked ground physics in DCS (not only for C-101), than the limitation of the actual system. In real life a free castoring wheel with a differential braking allows the aircraft to have even smaller turn radius than with the steerable front wheel, as the aicraft can basically pivot around its inner main wheel.
  4. It should be possible to tune the ADF in every available mode (COMP, ANT, RAMKA). There is no mechanical lock that would prevent the tuning knob from turning. The real MiG-19 manual explicitly instructs to tune the radio in COMP. mode during system checks: The manual also does not contain any additional instructions that would advise pilot to change modes every time he needs to change frequency, like we currently have to do in Razbam's model. In real life, tuning ADF in ANT. mode may still be a preferred method, because it amplifies the audio signal, so it's easier f
  5. In the middle of the tuning window there should be a thin needle indicating the current frequency. It is visible on the real photos and also referenced in the real MiG-19 manual.
  6. The last message from ED was "can't replicate". If it indeed doesn't happen with radar in STBY, that could explain why @NineLine did not see it.
  7. Bumping this one, as the HUD tacan indicator still does not rotate as it should.
  8. The bug reports linked in the first post were deleted without being addressed. I give up.
  9. That is not true. I have a Polish MiG-19 manual, and one of the service instructions specifically says to check the radio tuning in Compass mode. I reported this a year or two ago, but can't find it right now. Razbam deleted old bug reports without addressing them.
  10. The contrast adjustment is broken and does not adjust contrast. You can not achieve the same TGP image quality as in other planes with the same pod. Everything is explained in the 1st post. It wasn't always like that, the original TGP implementation for F-16 worked better. It got broken in one of the updates. Also the cursor disappears when you start messing with contrast, again, check the screenshots in the first post.
  11. Yes, give up on DCS and come back in 2023. Maybe ED will fix this after we give them another two years. Some other suggestions, but none of them working 100% of the time, are here.
  12. I think either 9L or BN said they reproduced it on their end. They could also start by going back to the version when the issue was first reported and see what has been changed around that time. Because it wasn't always like that, although the date of the first post in this thread (October 21, 2019) is not the date when it got borked, it happened even earlier and there are older threads about it. It's been broken for about two years. Sigh....
  13. Still broken. Tried one of the 3rd party campaigns with FLIR equipped aircraft. Only wasted time. Yep, and from what ED is saying, the new IR system is not even close to release.
  14. This is not a magic tweak that will fix everything, but I think that PD around 0.8 and Steam SS around 100-120% is a good balance for my 3080 in singleplayer. PD 0.5 is a bit extreme and you loose too much on image quality to make it up with SS. No matter how high you crank it in Steam, the image is still blurry and jagged. Ultimately you need to find a balance between PD high enough that the game outputs enough detail to produce nice visuals, and Steam resolution high enough to utilize those 4k screens on the Reverb.
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