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  1. very fragile to enemy fire I am always amazed by the accuracy of a zu23 mounted on a truck driving at 50 kph through a bumpy field
  2. ****ing brilliant ! Nice job man !! I love it
  3. The fact that they put it out of beta. I would have thought it was one of the condition, specially as it was the first studio using it as a marketing argument
  4. well not so unlikely Those parts which I was thinking about were not directly produced by the main manufacturer but another small contractor working for the main manufacturer. The A10 service time limit has been several time extended and some of those contractors were not expecting it or do not exists anymore IIRC
  5. Hi guys I am looking for an article stating that some of the original blueprints were lost, and to produce new wing part for the A 10 they needed to use 3d scans for the process of reverse engineering Does anyone have the link perhaps ?
  6. So far I know AP will have get you moving so the speed condition isn't fullfilled anyway
  7. Hi Is there a document for knowing which number is for which airport ? For the caucasus and nevada ?
  8. nice video, may I ask how you did get those custom views ?
  9. A small bug I came accross with the auto hover, the controls went crazy no idea why, I will try to reproduce it https://clips.twitch.tv/neon67fr/HealthySquidOSkomodo
  10. good news and good job Pat01. I will try it out tonight
  11. How soon will we get the trim recenter the joystick in neutral position function like for the ka50 mi8 and huey ? I definitly need this for the joystick and rudder
  12. cant find a way to do button 6 + button 2 for radio 1 button 2 for radio 2 Did I missed something ?
  13. If you need any help let me know, I would be happy to participate
  14. Morkva did you get my pm ?
  15. A small improvement idea. It would be great to have key combinations in the input settings for those using a joystick
  16. they are not availlable for USF agressor nor Insurgents. Can you add them please ?
  17. Hi , is there a possibility to get some variants for the toyota ? Mounted zu 23 , rocket launchers, VBIED etc ? DCS lacks ISIS unit style I can help doing help to do the 3d models and texture if wou want, using the toyota base which is already included
  18. Hi guys, is there a mod for new unit like a toyota zu23 , isis manpads and so on ? I thought I saw a few screenshots for that , but I am unable to find this mod Any ideas ? thanks :joystick:
  19. How do you lock an aircraft ? is it still actual ? I tried this and the ctrl +F3 once in free view without success
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