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  1. I tried to create some takeoff and landing However landing planes would not care if the runway was free or not, resulting in dramatic accident. The NTSB concluded that ATC wasn't doing its job according to FAA regulations. They however couldn't pin point the exact reason why, if it is the mod or simply dcs AI.
  2. yeah I think red wing simulation was banned by ED IIRC
  3. this should be directly integrated with dcs nice job
  4. can we import a flight plan ? The way we do it via flight planner route etc ? The sounds like a cool module, but yet to really use it, we need bigger maps :D
  5. nice work Yet one critic, don't make the outside paint too shiny like we see on too many aircrafts It should be more mate, less shiny. That is the goal of the camo paint also
  6. the issue was fixed in the latest patch
  7. Hi, I am using pedals as a cheap rudder for the mi-8 Two axis setuped as sliders, one inverted, the other not. Last update inverted/reverted an axis, and I can't put it in the right way, even with slider/inverted. As a result, my pilot is alawys pushing right. Yet in the Alpha it works perfectly
  8. The last update gives me tons of stutters in multiplayer, it is now unplayable, haven't tried solo yet..
  9. Hi, I am using pedals as a cheap rudder Two axis setuped as sliders, one inverted, the other not. Last update inverted/reverted an axis, and I can't put it in the right way, even with slider/inverted. As a result, my pilot is alawys pushing right. Yet in the Alpha it works perfectly edit Only mi 8 is affected
  10. Neon67


    But you can play in your su-25T with friends flying other modules, compatibility is the issue here, specially for those who are part of a squadron Basicly we are not against doing it as a real extra dlc, as long as it's compatible for those who don't have bought the ships. An example would be to replace those new models with existing one, or blocking any interaction (takeoff landing atc)
  11. Neon67


    we are also the customer, we can tell if ye like this idea and buy it or not. The goal of a company is to please the customers, sell the maximum amount of their products, and adapt to the wishes of the customers, that is the way it works. Otherwise the customers will simply go to an alternate producer
  12. Neon67


    yeah same question here: I really fear the splitting of the community, specialy if you are playing with a Wing and some of your friends didn't buy this pack. Would it simply possible to put this in the harrier package and if needed increase the cost of the harrier license, but still have the ships availlable for everyone for multiplayer missions ? Or simply replace the model with standard ships if you didn't purchase it ? what are the options here ?
  13. Neon67

    Mirage Status

    definitely worth buying, just have to be a little patient for bug fixes
  14. had anyone notice some barrier around the 170 knot limits ? I struggled to take off with three fuel pylons . Same happened near 170 knot on approach, could barely gain altitude even with full afterburner
  15. I think this is quite normal, some parts of the aircraft are still classified
  16. thank you all for your kind words We miss him a lot :(
  17. It fixed my problem when I updated before deactivating my 21. It should be on the front page
  18. are the activations replenished each months btw ?
  19. ok from my test to reset the position of the mark point , the old position must be already showing somewhere on your radar, this means you can update the marker position over more 50 km or so ?
  20. Hi guys I am slowly learning the Viggen So far it seems for me that the success of a good bombing run is to do a good pre plan phase with stored waypoint or target points directly on the targets. Yet what about a vehicule convoy , or target that are way off any other reference you stored in your datacard. Is it possible to turn what you see in your radar as an existing or new waypoint ? The only thing I found is navigation fixes, but I am not really sure I should use it for this purpose Any Ideas ?
  21. ah by the way I found out that in an ILS approach , whatever the aircraft, you are suppose to hold the minimum descent altitude (MDA/H) at 250 feet (75 meter). As long as you don't see visually the runway threashold, don't attempt to land. This info is yet not present in the IFR landing checklist in the manual From my understanding, the TILS helps you for the approach, the final stage of landing is still up to the pilot to decide. If the visibility is too poor, you will have to go to alternate Facility Lowest MDH ILS (no glide path - LLZ) 250 ft VOR 300 ft VOR/DME 250 ft NDB 300 ft
  22. small questions about TILS Do I have to change any slave switch prior to landing ? Is it me or the autothrottle is mostly trying to kill me ? Speed is a bit too low very close to stall speed ? thanks
  23. This one is thought as a quick mission for DCS A10-C: - No TGP , like the good old days and to add some dificulty and provide low altitude weapon delivery - Voice over - Dynamic random mission. Every time you will play you will get a small variation - Playtime should be between 15-20 minutes Mission briefing: Bravo squad is pinned down in Primm You have to provide a close air support mission ASAP A pair of AH64 are on their way aswell and chinook are on standby for Evac If the quick reaction armor force is availlable, they will come help you Expect the unexpected: this is a dynamic mission ! If you liked it please feel free to vote for me in the poll https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/votes/ You can download the mission here Have fun :pilotfly: https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=158147&d=1488217424 Feedbacks are welcome :smartass:
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