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  1. Hi guys How many GB do I need if I want to buy the normandy map ? I alreay have installed the NTTR Thanks
  2. DCS is a multi era aircraft type sandbox The FM developed are the best than any other sims I have played While I do only combat, I understand that people want also just to fly the aircraft, and do acrobatics. There is a market for this, even if you don't like it, they are part of the community. I don't see why adding pure civilian aircraft would split the community, they are compatible in multiplayer, unlike the WW2 asset from ED. When you go play online, you go on your favorite type of mission, that's all. No one force you to do something you don't want to Devs need money, doing a fully simulated modern aircraft is a long shot. Over a long period of time you don't have income, you release it, then the sells slowly reduce other time. But they still need to update it, meaning work, and that's why they need in the meantime to release other module. As stated by Wags, WW2 aircraft are "easily" done and the return of investment is better than modern jets. So why should LLC not do it ? As long as they keep updating the mig-21 and do other combat aircrafts, there is not really a problem Remember also that people on facebook or on this forum do not represent the majority of the DCS population. Many customers just play offline, and are the silent majority
  3. Hi guys I am bit unsure about the CCRP for this aircraft, normally for A10, F16 and perhaps F18, you have to put your fpm on the line by flying in direction of the line. Here with the av8, the line will get in the middle with you get your wings level, but it does not really take into acount the lateral displacement. And it also inverted, you have to fly in the opposite direction it seems. So the actual tactic would be to first place the FPM on the target, and then go for a level flight. But as soon as you lose visual contact of the target in the hud, its a bit guess and pray IS it like this in the real aircraft too, or is CCRP still wip ?
  4. Su 27 without SA = dead SU-27 Don't rush in alone, use your mate as canon meat
  5. at the current state with the target Normally. IRL, with the fpm should be aligned with the vertical bar if I am not mistaken
  6. I had also experienced this randomly, whatever the multiple ratio of rack, CCIP or CCRP Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't Maybe this is the famous random failure feature ?
  7. have you contacted ED to integrate this direclty in the game ?
  8. When using Maverick Turning on the IRMV stuff to warm it up Maverick Ton ready, use one or two Go back to Nav a few seconds, or deselect weapons Go back to A/G, have to restart warm up for 3 minutes edit: already known
  9. I had two fuel pylons and went on a ride Came back ask for refuel get refuel But fuel indicator int, wing and external were still at 0, but still had fuel somehow to fly again This Problem did not occur with AAR
  10. Can we use force correlate the same way we do it in the A10 ?
  11. Neon67

    VTO Issue

    btw what is the max weight for vertical take off ?
  12. Neon67


    Well the question has been answered A big thank you to Razbam for choosing the option to make it compatible for everyone. You have my biggest gratitude and support :)
  13. Neon67


    anyone tested if they are compatible for those who did not purchased ?
  14. Apparrently a first batch of chineese assets will be released in the coming update Source facebook
  15. Is this done by ED or third party ?
  16. Neon67


    Hi, will it be possible to start from FARPS or reload from it ? Or even start from any location on the ground, like on a highway or parking lot ?
  17. I did test yesterday against a fox-1 fired from a mirage The RWR didn't pick up the launch or the lock in STT after firing IS it only for the SU-33, or also with the su-27 against mirage ? IIRC SU-27 would pick up the change for an aim-7
  18. Neon67


    So Razbam, could you please give us a clarification for this ? Is the price higher than usual because of the secondary assets? Will it be compatible for people who did not purchased the harrier ?
  19. Which functionalities won't be availlable or buggy at EA ? What is the estimated time table for the Alpha? When its going to go out of Alpha, will there be also a second price increase ?
  20. I followed the instructions but still have ugly aa with my ATI Does anyone have the same problem ?
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