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  1. Dear ED I noticed that the russian military had a ka-52 and su-35 simulator running on FC /DCS engine, and i supposed you probably were involved in its developement. So i was wondering, and i'm probably not the only one, if those could be released to the public in a near futur like DCS A10C :joystick:, or not cause of military secrecy :cry: ? It would be great to get an official answer :thumbup: thanks
  2. is anyone working on simple insurgency vehicules like a 4x4 toyota mounted with a machine gun or zu23 ?
  3. Exellent mission , i played it severall times with friends and here are my notes :joystick: First is the c130 blowing up at the mission beginning, if its the first time you play it its quiete nice, but process should speed up between when it burns t ill runway clearance, we loose almost 10mn each time F18 pilot going down, the pilot parachute often few clics away while i am scanning the zone to get the other pilots location The patrol going to intercept the pilot, the two vehicules are easily destroyed , however you should change the trigger for the infantry, from group destroyed to group alive less than. Cause we had to make really accurate passes in order to kill every single infantry solders, which is really annoying. An other group of enemy vehicules, don t move at all, in a town near a lake, still around the pilots location When the rescue is done , where should the a10 land for rearm and refuel ? Hope it helps :smartass:
  4. From what i read in bvr fight, after firing go brake left right , and keep the lock at your radars cone limit til missile reaches it's target,try to be a little downer as your opponant so you can beam it. However it never really worked as my first missile never hit the plane, i don't fire it at max distance, rather 3/4. But still get easily confused and i get knocked out by aim120 in the mean time
  5. HI all sorry if i m not in the right thread I am trying to survive any engagement with the su27 against f16 f18 f15 in BVR combat I try to keep my target locked when using r27 et/er , but i have really a hard time evading aim 120 It seems my missile often miss while the americans counter part hit me without problem :cry:. So can someone explain me some basic tactic to improve my poor skills as a fighter to win air supremacy ? Thanks :joystick:
  6. Yes, but also there is a trigger to know if an enemy group is less than X % alive,instead of group is dead: it works great for vehicule group, however with infantry its quite buggy from my tests
  7. Is it not possible to do a quick fix to set the rocket correctly first, and then when ED more time has, fix the bombs aswell ? Cause as already said, most aircraft in DCS rely on rockets against infantry, and for the moment gun or missile works better als rocket to take them down
  8. so that means if a closeby arty shell can damage a tank, a mk82 or so should do it as well ?
  9. what is more disturbing, is the fact almost every playable aircraft in dcs can carry bombs and rocket, and they didn t implented it yet, for many reasons, but i really hope it will come soon. But can someone explain me why calculating fragments is more complex as calculating a cluster impact ?
  10. Hard to tell Normally new engines means also new possibilities, it's probably doable, but how long would it requier that's the question Do we have access to ground units code ?
  11. From fragmentation yes, but very little against blast depression
  12. I don't know how the code exactly looks like . But i think if ED managed to create different hard points on tanks, they could probably do it aswell. But as always , time and budget must be met ^^ However in the mean time , doing it for infantry should go quite quickly
  13. you quantify damage by a number, for vehicules , i would rather destroy parts : wheels, turrets , munitions chambers exploding as secondaries For infantry , simply kill .
  14. IMO , i think you are trying to push it too far . Ok DCS is a simulation, but its also a real time application, you can't simulate everything in the same time, sometimes you need to fake some . DCS is great for planes, heli, how missile gun and other react, but implementing a true fragmentation simulation would really put processor on their knees(just like cbu are atm ^^), unless its simplified . I think the best way to combine it, is to create this famous splash zone , as said, depending on your distance from the blast zone , you will receive an amount of damage if the randoom factor is fullfilled . That way it would looks like it approriate even if it isn't accurate But in order to make it accurate as some said, you gonna had too much factors to take in count . Such as amount of explosive, density of air, density of metal , how it cracles, wind, terrain , target proxy , other proxies, direction , soft protection and so on... or am i completly wrong ?
  15. In order to simulate fragmentation, would it not work just to increase the splash area ? Even if in real life the truck wouldnt be completly destroyed , it should however be severly damaged, which from hi above would look like almost the same ? But truck still beiing alive is one small problem, the biggest issue is against infantry
  16. but splash damage by bomb is already modelled no ?
  17. Hi all From my experience in a10c and ka50 , i really find that rockets don t do enought splash damage . You really have to hit the truck body in order to kill him, almost the same for infantry. Rockets don t have the same amount of explosive as a bomb, but when it hit 1 to 2 meters from the truck/infantry , this one should really be severly damaged. don t you think ? What is your opinion about the matter? Should ED fix the rocket family ?
  18. Hi all I'm tryting to make a battle squadron roll on to waypoint one, if they are attacked , they will retreat to an other waypoint. Is there an easy way to make this possible wihtout switching between two groups ?? Also how do you make a path loop for ground vehicules thanks
  19. With this mod , is it possible to read a pdf , like the ground charts one , and have it availlable in every mission without regards if it my missions , campain or multi one ? If yes , where should i put the files ? Thanks
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