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  1. Thanks for always posting excellent works!
  2. I think crosswind condition may cause the failure of beam-riding. It is difficult for Shkval to guide Vikhr in crosswind (maybe easier in head/tailwind). *This is what I noticed in #1 post. In your Shkval monitor, all smokes seemed to be swept from the left to the right. So you attacked targets under crosswind condition. Whenever you use Vikhr of left wing (upwind), you turned the nose a little to the right (=to the downwind), and Vikhr failed to ride on the beam.
  3. Great works, thank you very much.
  4. I am trying understanding a change about setting of missiles, from LOFC2 to DCSW. I made reference chart of [missiles_data.lua] about PvP missiles. It is based on ver.1.2.8, but still the same as ver.1.2.10. Sorry for my poor knowledge and bad translation, but hope it helps someone. Thanks. radar_and_missile_chart_v1210.zip
  5. Happy New Year ! :beer:
  6. Hello, from japan. We, stdsk & TekaTeka made LOFC 1.12b flight manual japanese version. If you are interested in Japanese, please try it.:book: [pdf & html version] http://sky.geocities.jp/std_sk/manual/index.html
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