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  1. There's nothing like a bit of old drama on a Monday night ~ Too bad it ended for the Ju.87 here, but DCS: WWII has been gaining steam and that's the most important part.
  2. I thought he meant a 3-point landing :D
  3. Really? What year is yours, and how often do you use it? I can only say that once you feel it, you keep feeling it :joystick: I must say I'm getting biased after being spoiled with the VKB.
  4. Up to you, but the Warthog gimbal will remain plastic ;) After taking it apart myself to re-grease it, I'd hesitate spending that kind of money again on a Warthog. I agree, the metal grip feels nice. The rest of it ... not so much. Also depends if you have a tabletop setup like me, or a simpit. I like the sleek VKB design better than the bulky Warthog. If you mainly play A-10C, then Thrustmaster it is.
  5. Your decision ultimately, but I'd hate to shed out $200-300 again for a product that I know needs further modding and greasing to make it work the way I want it. Not to mention the aesthetics part; it looks like a Frankenbuild :cry: My guess is you already knew what you wanted before you started this thread, no?
  6. I'll take that metal gimbal over a plastic one any time. I fly modern (L-39C/ZA, MiG-15Bis, F-5E) with the KG grip as well and it doesn't bother me (MiG-15Bis grip is actually modelled after KG). I disliked the stick-slip effect of my Warthog (even after re-greasing); the VKB feels so much smoother (less "springy" too) and handling feels more precise. There are quite a bit of buttons on the KG grip, and mapping is done once. The mapping process makes you more aware of what you're actually pressing. Also refer to this thread; http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=168257.
  7. That looks horrid ~ My suggestion would be the VKB; better gimbal, better aesthetics. The grip is plastic, but personally I don't regard this as an issue. I'm glad the bulky Warthog left my table, not to mention the re-greasing part of it.
  8. Thanks for your feedback ~ Hoping to see your MiG-15 skin released in one way or another (was looking if Belsimtek is actually using your skin as their default now).
  9. Time to close this thread? Talk about anticipation ... :(
  10. Was that a tongue-in-cheek comment or is it actually planned? I'm on the fence for another card, sacrificing my Xfire setup as I'm quite tired of the wait. Getting awesome performance out of Asetto Corsa in Xfire though. I'm undecided what to get ... RX 480?
  11. Nice find, rep added for fast follow-up on dead links ~
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