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  1. I do. There is no difference in damage modeling between protected and non-protected ships. Anti ship missiles do not enough damage on both of them. Overwhelming the defenses is an entirely different topic and has nothing to do with damage modeling.
  2. Alright, fair enough. I hope it won't take too long with the new ship DM, as the current one makes Harpoons and other ASMs pretty useless, even if they get through the ship's air defenses.
  3. No doubt about that, but if the DM rework for ships is still years away it would be great to have bigger damage output for the missiles meanwhile.
  4. That might not be a Jester issue at all, but a limitation of the radar itself. PDSTT and PSTT work very differently and in some situations the radar is able to lock a target in PDSTT, but not in PSTT or vice versa, as the target needs to meet different criterias for each mode. Generally speaking PDSTT has a longer range than PSTT and is immune against ground clutter unlike PSTT. PDSTT requires the target to have a high relative velocity though (closing in on you or flying away from you), which PSTT doesn't need.
  5. Hey, I really appreciate your videos, but is it really necessary to make an entirely new thread for each video? Those empty threads start cluttering up the Aviation subforum quiet a bit by now. I would really appreciate it if you could post them in a single collection thread
  6. Nein, zumindest nicht das ich wüsste (ich weiß aber auch nicht alles ).
  7. Oh, indeed! Well, that's something at least...
  8. The RAT model and the lighting has been fixed. I'm not aware of any other issues with the external model.
  9. Changelog preview for 2.7: https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/mniyg9/dcs_newsletter_27_is_coming/gty6682?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  10. Now that's a really good question!
  11. I don't think the Mi-8 doppler nav system does take input from other sensors like the baro altimeter into account. It's a system on its own AFAIK.
  12. I'm wondering as well. Since the release of the Tank Killer module there has been a strict radio silence.
  13. Oh cool, I always found it rather off putting to have a WW2 prop aircraft circling around modern fast jets.
  14. Isn't the TF-51 available as a recon plane on the server?
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