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  1. One thing for certain I can honestly say I have taken from that video is the flight model is an anachronism.
  2. It will happen when it happens. A community manager has already stated this issue is reported. If it takes 'years' so be it. I'd rather the 'free' map and many other items listed by NineLine, Wags and Co slated for this year to be worked on and released, rather than the troop transport 'bug' to be fixed.
  3. That is a fair point you have made. I work on GA aircraft and we use anti-seize on screws so that it leaves a tell tail sign on the air frame and panels so it is easily identified when doing a walk around. Screws\rivets that we replace are painted over so it coincides with the color of the aircraft. You could be correct by saying it is touch-up paint.
  4. I was watching t.v when it came up with "breaking news, 7 confirmed dead in army blackhawk crash outside Townsville" all those years ago. The following morning it was confirmed that 18 members of our military service had past away. Here is the 4 corners media story from back in 1996. Watching it again now still brings back memories from that fateful day all those years ago.
  5. what intrigues me in the 1st pre-start upload is some of the wet marks around the screw heads on some of the panels. That to me would be a sign the screws need retensioning as the 'never-seize\anti seize' or whatever the yanks call it is weeping back from under the screw head. I admit that I do not work on UH-60's, but in the GA aircraft world, the 'wet spots' is a tell tail sign the panel screws need to be re-tightened.
  6. Here is a good video showing how to pre-start a UH-60 One of my favorite aircraft. I would enjoy the opportunity to migrate to these if Australia still has them in a couple years time. human engineering at it's finest :)
  7. Many people use social media platforms to showcase their photos to the 'world'.....the military version of social media is called 'satellites' which most countries have. If the USN is traversing the panama canal or the straight of Homuz or any of the oceans peacefully....well they have crowded decks and use satellites as their 'social media platform'. Not a public platform like Instagram but a military platform called 'Satellites'.....it's the bikini model platform in the military world.
  8. Thank you SUNTSAG for the quick response. I will test and report shortly. EDIT: still works as of 23-12-19
  9. Is it possible to have a blufor air unit escort a redfor and vice versa air unit and join up formation? Similar to this Or do both units need to be on the same side? The end goal is to achieve AI redfor units joining up on a blufor human player to escort the human player back to a redfor base. If you would like to use this idea in a mission\campaign feel free to do so, or point me to a mission where this has been done so I can see how it was done. My guess is that units will need to be from the same side. Current testing proves it works from the same side, just not from
  10. but I liked busting the lights, more so for the shattering glass than anything :)
  11. How come this year there are no christmas lights to bust with the mouse pointer on the website page header? Every other year on the header of the main screen there are christmas lights to bust. Is that a bug? or will we see an update to the header in the next patch release?
  12. By far the best improvement for DCS realism since combined arms release all those years ago. Those who do not want to invest, no doubt will invest once the module is released even before seeing it reach full potential. To add fact to this statement, who here does not own either the F-18C or F-16? You purchased those modules based on information before seeing these modules full potential as well eh? Anyone who says no to owning one of either module (or both) is blatantly lying.
  13. From the preview video it is worth every cent that went into its glorious creation
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