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  1. I want to be compatible to the rest of my friends who own FC2 and DCS:KA-50 Black Shark and which are not willing to "upgrade" to DCS:Warthog at the moment. ;) I already preordered DCS:A-10C Warthog and installed the current Beta 3. Yesterday night i read the guide from MadTommy http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=60815 in the Beta Forum to extract the right ( targeting ) MFCD to a second monitor. It works great ( besides the noticeable frame rate drop ) After my new hardware upgrade ( little 8" TFT behind the Cougar Pack MFD ) i also want to get the best out of it in FC2. Thank
  2. I did only little research here in the forum and all i found was laevu2 which is able to extract the EWR, cockpit instruments, etc. to a second monitor. What i am looking for is a way to extract the MFD of the A-10A to a second Monitor, so that i can use it for AGM-65 Maverick infrared TV Monitor. Is this already possible in FC2 or do i still have to wait for DCS:A-10C to get this feature ? Thanks for any helpfull answers.
  3. I am very happy with the new Warthog. Best peace of solid Metal Joystick ever been on the market ( i am not talking about modded Cougars ! ). And still there is always a way to improve the "out of the box" Joystick. For my personal liking the spring was still too tough and because it was not adjustable i modified the Joystick with the actual ( i call it ) SPRING MOD, which was introduced by Feuerfalke : Quoting Feuerfalke here : "I was pretty sad they didn't make the spring for the stick adjustable, but I simply removed it. Instead I moved the 4 smaller springs on top of the ring. N
  4. I would propose to make a new sticky "HOTAS Warthog MOD´s" Thread and to list Feuerfalke´s Modification with the 4 little Springs on Top of it, because it is a really good Mod.
  5. I tried what Feuerfalke proposed and i am very satisfied with this solution ! Thank you Feuerfalke ! Thats an Excellent HOTAS Warthog Mod without any extra costs or materials. On my former HOTAS Cougar i had a hardware mod which made the stick as easy to move as this new mod does to the Warthog. So i am very pleased about the Warthogs behaviour now. Thumbs up !
  6. Well... the TARGET Software detects two different serial numbers ! ( one for the Throttle and another one for the Stick ) Serial # : 0096 Throttle ( HOTAS Warthog ) Serial # : 0116 Joystick ( HOTAS Warthog ) My Location : Essen, Germany
  7. Sorry i meant Kts ( not mph ) its too early in the morning :-) Well, thank you GGTharos for the "correct" take off and landing procedure advices but you missed my point. I dont want to discuss my "wrong" techniques here (off topic anyway ) ! I only asked if i can turn off the auto flaps down/up thing ( which has been introduced with patch 1.2.1 ) and if DCS A-10 C will have the same automatic flaps down/up thing. Simple question right ?
  8. Hmmm...not sure if i understand you correct. Here is my procedure : Well I put my Flaps to full down position before i take off from runway. After the lift off i put them to full up position at an airspeed of approx. 190 mph (and yes i already know that there are two different buttons for flaps up and down ) Then i do my CAS mission and whenever my airspeed gets lower than approx 160 mph the flaps extract automatically to full down position. I do not want it to be done automatically. ( any way to turn that off ? ) When i reduce my airspeed to 160 mph and lower while i do my final
  9. What bug ? It was officially implemented with Patch 1.2.1 ! You should know that as a ED Tester ;-) Quote from the Readme1.2.1_en.txt : " FLIGHT MODEL CHANGES + Fixed an error in the F-15 polar curves that had caused a reduction in time required to achieve sustained turn rate at reduced speeds. + For the A-10 and F-15, added automatic flaps extension/retraction based on indicated airspeed when the flaps are set in the “down” position in the cockpit. + For the Su-27 and Su-33, adjusted the flaperon mechanization logic (the indicator will blink while the flaperon is adjusting de
  10. Got a few questions too : 1. ) Will the A-10C be able to carry more than four AGM 65 D ? Asking because in FC2 four is the maximum loadout for the infrared variant of the Maverick. 2. ) Will both types of the Maverick A2G Missiles will be locking more precise on targets with the A-10C ? Asking because in FC2 it´s taking several attempts to lock on the right vehicle ( Tunguska ) in a moving Tank column. This procedure often takes too long and this is responsible for SAM launches because A-10A Pilots get in critical Tunguska range . 3.) Will A-10C allow the Pilot to engage the Fl
  11. Did the guy who comments the Video say "We´re now in F-18 ... sorry A-10" at minute 00:43 in the Video while they were showing the F-15 ? *hint* Awsome stick ! I will definatly buy DSC : A-10C and the HOTAS Warthog as soon as possible.
  12. Thats my tactics too ! And its a way that definatly works ! You can spot any target with that little monitor. The bad thing : You can only take maximum 4 Infrared AGM-65 D´s in your payload. That is weird, because the AGM-65 K is heavier in real life and you can take 6 of them on a flight. Can anyone tell me why it is not possible to take 6 IR Mavericks or is it possible in real life and ED just did not implement this ? Any real life A-10 Pilots around here to answer that ?
  13. Excellent work grandsurf ! Can´t wait for the final result :thumbup:
  14. I had that Problem in earlier Versions of Flaming Cliffs too. Reduce the number of Aircraft in a Flight Group to maximum 2 and look if the change helps. Then rise the number one by one and check after each change. Or use two or more flight groups of each with maximum 2 planes but let them start with 1 Minute difference so they will not end up crashing into each other. I think it also depends on the Airfield you are choosing for take off. Good luck !
  15. If you are using ATI Graphics card : Open your Catalyst Control Center. Click on "Graphics" , then click on "3D" , then on "ALL" Scroll down untill you see Anti Aliasing Mode Slider !!! DO NOT USE --> "Adaptive Multi-sample AA (middle slider position) Try the ---> "Super-sample AA" Setting and everything will be O.K. again. ( slider to full right position ! Quality ) Dont forget to click on "Apply" and "OK" after that, or the changes will not be applied when you close the Catalyst Program ! PS : Search function in Forums help to find solutions for Problems ;) http://
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