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  1. When 2.7 was released they announced that the new weather engine had no snow, but that snow would be added later.
  2. Somehow you have listening turned on. This can happen if you are using hot mic, for example in the Tomcat.
  3. Keep in mind that the repair will also uninstall any mods in the main DCS directories.
  4. It should. However the repair function has an option to remove files that it finds that are not "official." I believe if you use that it will remove all of the added liveries for you. That might be a better way to go than deleting the liveries yourself.
  5. The first time I flew Mission 11 a Mig-21 engaged. Overlord was talking all the time but never gave intel on the close in bogey, despite reporting repeatedly on pop-up groups 60-80 miles away. The Bogey came in very high so I missed it on radar, then snuck in behind my flight and took us out one at a time. I checked six only to see number two go down and a missile launched at my rear quarter taking me down. The second time I flew the mission the Hawks took out any MiG that came close and the others turned tail. None got close to the helos. So my flight also went RTB without engaging anything.
  6. I finally finished it too. The key seemed to be to fly a bit higher on approach so that my flight did not lawndart into hills, then deliver a lot more ordinance quickly than I had been trying earlier. That is, all 5 bombs on one target first pass, then all rocket pods at once on the second. Also a lot of jinking to keep the remaining ZSU-23's hit percentage low. I even managed to get back to base. A lot of fun, but I'm glad to move on. I see that the next mission has nicer weather, which will be welcome after all of that flying under low clouds.
  7. Same here. I've gotten to the point that I can make hits on both sites. But never a successful RTB afterwards. Either I'm killed or the plane is too badly damaged and I have to eject. But the stupid AI never do what they are told. Half the time one or more of them crash into the ground before we even get to the AO. And when I tell them to engage they seem way too eager to pop up to an altitude that invites multiple SAM launches.
  8. Here is a bit more information to supplement the very good advice you have received already from MaxSenna. VAICOM (not Viacom) stands for Voice AI Communications. (At least that's my best guess.) It's for AI communications only. It's not intended for general control of your aircraft, or views, etc. The only keywords you can add are aliases for the AI communications functions that VAICOM supports. VAICOM PRO communicates with the AI directly using network functions to exchange messages between its VoiceAttack plugin and lua code that it adds to DCS itself. (Older versions of VAICOM used virtua
  9. You don't say which module but generally it helps a lot to set the instrument brightness very low. How to do that is module dependent. I can read the airspeed in the P-51 with NVG, for example, simply by turning the instrument illumination way down. In the Hornet you also need to put the various displays in "night" mode and use the NVG switch.
  10. If you just say "Inbound" without first selecting the recipient then this command is probably being sent to the default airfield. And then if Easy Comms is turned on the frequency changes automatically to that ATC frequency. There are a few ways to make this work: If easy comms on: "Stennis, Select," then "Stennis, Inbound." You can skip the first command if you use the "instant select" option. But then you must specify Stennis in the second one. If easy comms off: tune radio to Stennis, then "Stennis, Select," then "Stennis, Inbound." You can skip the radio tuning if y
  11. I tried dynamic switching and didn't like it because the use of the "Switch" command when I want to talk on SRS seemed awkward. For me the solution is to turn off dynamic switching and then set up SRS as follows. First, I use the same buttons for SRS radio selection and VAICOM TX nodes. Then turn off the SRS feature where radio select also works as PTT. Instead define a new button for SRS PTT. That way you can use one of the SRS/VAICOM buttons to talk to the AI or select an SRS radio. But to actually broadcast on SRS you then need to push its separate PTT button. SRS does not hear the VAICOM c
  12. I'm still really struggling with this mission. Have flown it close to 20 times without achieving success because I always get shot down. If not on the first pass then on the second one. It's getting old. Any tips would be welcome. My most effective strategy so far has been to come in very low and fast (400+ knots) with rockets and hope I get the Iglas before they get me. Other strategies have almost always gotten me killed on the first pass.
  13. Turns out this isn't a bug but rather a feature that I've never seen in action previously.
  14. That did it. Thanks Flappie. Can't recall when I turned that on, but I never noticed the behavior until very recently when it caused trouble. I guess I don't usually bring up the briefing after being KIA. It isn't clear to me why that feature is tied to the briefing. The manual documentation of this feature says nothing about what triggers a respawn.
  15. no and no. You can go straight to 2.7 openbeta. It does not download everything twice, but it does copy files that are the same across each version from the copy already installed if you have more than one version, causing duplication. So yes it takes a lot of space, but no you don't have to download everything twice. The space issue is considerable if you have multiple maps installed.
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