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  1. Ok, so after you intercept the Mirages, Flip says he's heading back to Mother. The thing is, both times I've tried flying this mission, I am already pretty much over Mother by the time the Mirages change heading to 080. I flew a circuit around the carrier, nothing triggered, so I land and both times its only a 50 result...what exactly is the trigger here? Hitting ladder at 5000???
  2. If you do in fact decide to keep using the HUD, on speed indication is by putting the bracket in line with your water mark, instead of the velocity vector like on the hornet... On your AoA indicator on the top left of the front dash, the 15 unit position actually has a solid horizontal line going through it to help easily spot 15.
  3. Is it saying above the radio commands that you are transmitting on the -182? In the front seat, I've had no problem transmitting/receiving on both radios...although while playing with a human RIO, they are unable to transmit on anything from the back seat...
  4. So just to the top right of the RIO's TID (the bigger round screen between RIO's legs) there's a wafer switch that has waypoint selections. You should see selections for 1, 2, 3, also things like ST (surface Target) and HB (home base) There's definitely more selections but I can't remember them all or the order off the top of my head.
  5. Yea not sure about the black circle and the small T, (I definitely know what you are talking about though) but I know for a fact that the vertical bar on the VDI is just for steering purposes. Keep it centered and it will put you one the best intercept course. I'm pretty sure the manual does talk about the vertical bar but I didn't see anything about the growing black circle or small T either...
  6. This is like legit too good to be true.
  7. Very comprehensive update, HB!!! You guys seem to be quite aware of all the frustration people have been expressing about previous module's early access periods being rather lack-luster...Quite honestly that never bothered me, but still, glad to see how you guys are listening to the community! Standing by!
  8. I've been wondering kind of the same thing. I don't know how realistic this is, but at first when the 109 came out, the fuel pressure gauge would actually indicate a rise in pressure as you actuated the fuel primer...but now the gauge doesn't move at all when priming. Would love to know as well.:huh:
  9. Roger that. I tried F-86F but never tried adding the Sabre at the end. Thanks man!!!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  10. I have some .png check list files I'm trying to get into my in game knee board... I'm unable to see them appear and I believe I have troubleshot it down to not having the correct "F-86" file name. Does anyone happen to know what the correct file name is? I have already tried with .png files that I know work with other modules, and also used the same directory that I know works. Pretty sure it's just the file name that is the problem...whatever that's worth haha.:music_whistling:
  11. I'm so thirsty, I'll take anything honestly! @CheckGear, all of the scenarios you bring up sound amazing. You certainly have done some homework. It's a pretty safe bet that there will be plenty of "F-14 vs. MiG-28" servers popping up. Seeing some Iranian operations would definitely be interesting. Plus I for one would learn a lot because I'm not very studied on the subject of how Iran operates their Tomcats.
  12. God, seeing the aircrew moving their heads around throughout the trailer blew my mind.
  13. Age doesn't matter, would still fly-by regardless!:music_whistling:
  14. Totally normal. In fact, that truck is positioned that way to keep the C-130's elevator from drooping...:smartass:
  15. Yea, I was totally hoping/expecting the same thing. No big deal though, it shouldn't be too time consuming to create a mission...although I'd totally take one if someone did drop one in here...:music_whistling:
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