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  1. Looking really good :) Keep it up. One thing that I think is a bit of is the tail wing, the front of the tail wing is too steep, I think at least. It could be me too though.
  2. Amazing, it's beautiful.
  3. Really nice job Mizzy. Those ships are amazing. They make me think about SH4. Also the last and one before last pictures of fog are superb. Keep it up!
  4. Thanks for the comments all. About a tutorial, well, I don't know if I'll make one, I mean, there isn't one thing which will make all your screenshots look like this, it really depends on the situation. If you'd like to see the .pds however, that's no problem, just send a pm.
  5. Hello there, I see a lot of beautiful things made for Lock on and with Lock on (mods&movies). As I'm terrible in doing both I decided I'd better show you something else. I've made some edits from lock-on screens, maybe more will follow soon. Hope you like them; Credits for the skin and the cloud pictures go to the makers...
  6. One more quick suggestion then (hopefully I'm in time): I think it's more realistic if there isn't grain on the "hud"
  7. Nice job Janko, one thing I think is wrong on the picture is that now the wheels are very hot, and the engine isn't that much... But the rest is great!
  8. I would love to see a multirole plane, F-18 or F-16 will surely work :)
  9. Perfect, I really can't wait, it's really really amazing
  10. Really nice objects and the airport looks superb, but they are a bit big and close to each other it seems, it could be me though.
  11. The first picture of the dutch solo is awesome, thanks for sharing and very nice job on the pictures
  12. omfg, is that real? it looks very very very very stunning. Best plane I've seen. Only one thing bothers me, the nose, don't know.. Still; this plane IS beautiful. Edit: this is making a fly an elephant (if that's an English saying too), anyway, to compare the nose with the real one: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1246738/L/ I feel the corner near the cockpit is a bit sharper in real, but maybe it's me, and, to be honest, i don't even care if you would change it when it is a bit sharper, that model is amazing.
  13. Yeniceri, Your idea sounds perfect, I'll go for the MKI, but the OVT would be just as great. I'm really looking forward to whatever it may be. You do a great job for the comunity and although not everyone here is that positive, most of us really appreciate your work! I hope, once your model has been finished, someone will be able to edit it to the real flight model, that will really add a new plane, but, it's not your fault you, or someone elses fault they, can't do it. Good luck with modelling :)
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