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  1. Mapi - Its not really the ships that are too red, its the way the water is rendered in the game. Its almost completely clear to any depth, and real sea water isnt like that, whilst it looks nice and blue its full of all manner of rubbish and detritus, which changes the depth you can see to at certain angles. The solution is simple though, just add a few knots of wind to your mission and the surface of the sea changes to suit, slight rippling or serious waves if you go overboard, that hides the redness quite well. The other option is to extract the ships hull textures and make the underwater parts darker, or even black. Many warships have black lines between the red and grey, many are all black.
  2. Just got around the installing this super Mod after a few years of flying the earlier version which had a really poor cockpit ... and this is everything I hoped it would be. Also delighted to find that my old set of UK skins work perfectly with this version, soon to be available on the download site, posted yesterday. Some fictional RAF/RN, some based on actual liveries, nothing spectacular really but I enjoyed doing them, and they still look okay. A taster: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318458/
  3. A good place to see a B2 close up is the RAF Museum at Hendon in the UK, complete with a full bomb load laid out underneath it. Its a great museum, well worth a visit if you live in the UK. I was unfortunate enough to watch a B2 explode in mid air after an aborted landing at RAF Luqa in Malta in 1975, and to be involved in the recovery of the crew members who died. The pilot missed the runway and shoved his wheels up through the wing fuel tanks, tried to gain altitude again but about 5 miles out the aircraft exploded with one wing coming off completely, I can still see it slowly drifting to earth like a giant sycamore leaf. Two of the engines kept going ahead, like giant rockets, flying away out to sea. The 2 Pilots got out, everyone else died. I was serving in HMS Hermes, tied up in the trot opposite HMS St Angelo in Grand Harbour. We were all sitting on the round down at the back of the deck doing what sailors and marines do as it happened, we had watched him come in for his landing, disappear below the horizon then suddenly appear again streaming smoke and flames with the engines going full throttle. We scrambled the 2 duty Wessex 5's and flew to the crash site at Zabbar by which time the RAF crash crews were on site but the damage was done, 1 civilian lady died. Lifting the wreckage was a problem, the wing that detached was still full of fuel and moving it was seriously dodgy. The crew in the back couldnt get out because the nose wheel was stuck in the down position, blocking the escape hatch, they said afterwards at the inquest. A sad day, not the sort of thing you expect when your day dreaming about tonight's run ashore down The Gut !! Details here, no idea if this is accurate or not, its Wikiwhatsit after all !! A little bit of Vulcan history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1975_Żabbar_Avro_Vulcan_crash
  4. Its a game problem, not a Mod problem. The exact same issue happens with helo's, first one sits on the deck, the remainder do the same, engines off, wheels down, doors open etc. The blades start to turn and whilst the first one's wheel stay down, the rest pop back up. Its been a mess for as long as I can remember. I have spent ages playing around with the lua's with no solution in sight. One aircraft good - more aircraft bad. PS: How can you trust a man who cant remember what he had for breakfast ... and he always has porridge !!!
  5. Joey - Not nit picking, I appreciate its still a WIP, but I dont think she ever had bridle catchers on the bow. The only RN carrier to have those was Ark Royal IV. The 3d Radar on the bridge roof appears to be missing its support. The blast deflector animation is excellent.
  6. Rgr ... as I indicated my memory of it was a little bit vague. So what is this GR1 that Oban is talking about, is it the same model I wonder or is there a decent GR1 out there. PS: I did some Brit skins for that Jaguar A, I have them filed away somewhere, if it ever reappears I will dig them out.
  7. There was a French Jaguar A around, with French liveries, it stopped working a long time ago and nobody resurrected it as far as I know. It was made by a group who's name escapes me now. Some of their other stuff does reappears from time to time as other groups (VSN inc) rebuild it to the 2.7 standard but I never saw the Jaguar A reappear, it needed to be rebuilt in 3dmax and a new edm exported to 2.7 standard but nobody was much interested in doing the work. I recollect trying to generate some interest in it along with Hawkeye60 but to no avail. If we are talking about a different GR1 Model I would be seriously interested, I would love to do some skins for that. Jaguar A is VERY similar to the GR1, the GR1 has the radar pod attached to near the top of the fin, thats the most noticeable difference.
  8. What Jaguar GR1 ? That got my intertest !!!!!!
  9. 737 driver - This is probably being caused by one of the Illustrious class ships, both of these ships have seacats on them but one of the mods is of a much larger scaling and if that shiop mod appears first in your tech mods then every seacat will be of the larger size. One of the mods will have to change the allocated name for the seacat edm so that they do not conflict.
  10. Western - Here is the list of textures that you could change on the Yak 40 - sadly there is no roughmetal detailed in the edm so the model will never see a roughmetal no matter how you describe it. Some of the earlier DCS model were made that way. If its not detailed in the edm it cannot be done. description.lua You could try creating a metalic looking skin from the base skin but its really difficult to get a metalic shine doing it that way, you may have to settle for metalic 'looking'.
  11. I think I know why this is happening, I had wind set @ 15kts and it was blowing slightly across the deck at about 10 degrees off the ships heading, removed the wind completely and they land again correctly. Clearly you have to have the wind direction bows on, any deviation and it affects the aircraft.
  12. I cant get any aircraft type to line up with the deck and land properly, they all drift off to the right and miss the deck completely or land at a severe angle. Tried Rafael and F18, images attached. It was working until I updated to the latest version, has the mod changed or is it something in the game that has changed changed ?
  13. Here you go, take what you want, ditch the unwanted. I think these are all mine but if I have included somebody else's work inadvertently I apologise in advance. This includes to two exec skins shown above, I think I did a few more but four years is WELL beyond my memory cells capacity, I cant even remember what I had for breakfast these days, and I always have porridge !!!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/rx6x016lb3sg0yz/CrazyEddies Yak 40 Skinpack.zip?dl=0
  14. Yep, got lots of them still, here is a sampler. Some more
  15. They were published in 2017, after a few months I delete most of my mods because the way the game changes. I still have them if you want them, might even have a few more now, RAAF, USAF Special Forces, not sure, its ages since I looked at the Yak 40.
  16. Superb looking model, and the skins are fantastic. Very different aircraft to the old Tucano and Texan T1 the RAF are using now, but close enough to warrant some RAF skins when you release it. I'm impressed.
  17. Jack. That issue is present on all of this Mods ships, look at the stern of the Garcia model, its particularly bad there. I have been around Modding for many years and what Woogey said is correct, its a 3dmax smoothing issue, Hawkeye and myself had problems with this when we first started doing WW2 ships and once he realised what was wrong he fixed it in 3dmax. I expect DCS shadows etc dont help but whoever converted the ships didnt smooth them in 3dmax. I dont have 3dmax myself so dont know the full implications for the guys doing the conversion, but thats what is needed. That said these are great ships to have in the game and great credit to you guys, with a little refinement they will be perfect.
  18. I have an old FSX Patuxent model that has no hull under the waterline, so I tried that and it still gets stuck in the entrance, so its not the hull depth that's affecting things. I will keep trying, and let you know if I crack it. Other than that we have to hope the developer does something to the map to allow us to enter that harbour, but knowing how these things work in DCS I dont anticipate that happening anytime soon. You can enter some of the harbours on the Syria map so it can be done.
  19. Your LCAC works ... it will transit all the way in from out at at sea to inner harbour, does a few weird things on the way through the narrows but it gets there, I will start with that and see if it throws up some ideas. (After the Test Match - Cricket First, after all, we are British !!)
  20. Its either something done in 3dmax (which I know absolutely nothing about as you know) or its something in the lua. When (?) I find the lua for the speedboat I might see something in that but finding that is a problem, anyone know where its hidden ? The other option is compare your America lua with others that dont work and see if there is something different there. 3dmax or lua, cant see it being anything else - Its a mystery.
  21. The only boat/ship I can get to pass through the harbour entrance and also to pass through the narrows into the inner harbour is the armed speedboat, everything else stops out side the harbour entrance, some get through it then stop - smaller boat types get about 100 yds inside, no further. Nothing bigger than the armed speedboat gets even close to the inner harbour. Will try a carrier with armed speedboat data later and see what happens.
  22. I'll play around with that as well then, perhaps its a size issue in the lua. You do realise that as soon as we solve the problem they will change the map, Sod's Law.
  23. I wonder if its something to do with the size of the collision box, or the bounding box. In modelviewer you can see that outlined and on some models it appears much larger than the actual model iitself, perhaps that is influencing something. Im assuming your USS America has a collision file ? That said I think the water depth on the map needs adjusting, that would solve it.
  24. I have tried a whole heap of ships into that harbour, WW2 to modern, nothing gets past the outer groyne's. Hope they fix that, it would make for a very interesting harbour if they could. Its a nice little map too, lots of amphibious options, which I love. Another wonderful carrier Admiral, well done.
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