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  1. Thanks, I missed that post.
  2. About 20 or so years ago I went up to RNAS Yeovilton for a presentation by Lt Cdr Adrian Orchard on the future of the Fleet Air Arm. He was CO of 800 Sqn flying Harrier Gr9’s at the time. One of the subjects I raised at the questions session afterwards was what were they going to replace the Sea King airframes with, they were close to retirement then and there was no plan. I suggested the Merlin was the ideal airframe for the Jungglies (846, 845 and 848 Sqns). The RN already had the HC2 version in service at sea and the technical support in place. Another 45 or so airframes would be ideal or
  3. I had to move the V1 and the bow smoke marker inboard a little bit because of the placement of the cat on the Melbourne, and I think the deck angle may have been slightly different for them both as well, so it has to be a little bit of a compromise. Would be nice to have a decent Corsair for her, in due course I believe.
  4. Here you go, these livery files were created for the version of the Melbourne that I am running in my game, it may not be up to date in which case you may have to alter the description and file details to fit your game. That's easy enough to do, just copy what's in the other livery folders, the formats are the same (or should be !). Grey deck and Green decks included, pick the one you want and ditch the other one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wxbtoatxs9tvbq8/ARA Independencia.zip?dl=0
  5. I always finish my own work, and I intended to finish this one day along with a couple of others I was working on, todays as good a day as any for this one. The image I am working from shows the main deck colours to be grey, darker on the flight line, but I'll do you both grey and green. I have had to move some things a little out of alignment with the actual deck because its not the same ship or the same era, so what you see is what you get.
  6. Somebody asked about the ARA Independencia - I have a partly finished deck for this ship which I never got around to completing. I finished the decks I thought people would want instead, the British decks (for myself mainly if I'm honest !!) and ARA 25 de Mayo, NAeL Minas Gerais.
  7. It could be real, foreign aircrews often practiced approaches to unfamiliar decks, if the deck could take the airframe they might stick the wheels on the deck for a second or two and if not they just did the approach. That image shows him (or her) on the way upwards again, the exhaust tail has dipped and is rising again, so I would guess just an approach to familiarise with everything Australian. Practicing for the old eventuality that it might be the only deck around ... any port in a storm etc. Remember the RN Harrier pilot who banged it down on the top of a container on a c
  8. All things are possible, see your pm's.
  9. 405 - Here you go Jock, this should work with the new version of the Tucano, you will have to make up the livery yourself, I'm still using an earlier version of the FSX Model. 



    1. flyingscotsman


      That's great, thank you very much, will have a bash on the new version when it's out


  10. Did he actually managed to get that F14 onto that deck ... and the big question ... How did he get it off again, by crane ?
  11. HMS Ark Royal IV and HMS Eagle were the only 2 Royal Navy decks capable of operating the heavier fast jets, (F4K and Buccs), all the the other RN carrier classes of that era were too small for the bigger jets and would have required major and unrealistic reconstruction. Ark Royal was converted to operate F4K's but Eagle was not, although she continued to operate Buccs for some years. CV01 was planned to replace Ark Royal but financial and political pressure, and a withdrawal from empire removed the perceived need for a CV type replacement, so we opted for the Invincible class of boats with Har
  12. I did a load of UK Fictional and Actual skins a few years ago to fit Patricks Tucano - its the same model so they should fit this version. Here are 2 of them. I also did a USN, USMC and an Argentina version, forget how accurate that one was, not very probably !!
  13. See Page 1 for the latest Version 3. ASW HC2 Version size corrected, added hellfire missiles to pylons 1 and 4. The Merlin is planned to carry a missile system at some stage but that has yet to be finalised or implemented so I have added twin hellfire launchers in its place. The game does not support aerial launched torpedo's yet so you should not expect the weapons fitted to act as such, they will explode on impact with the water like any other bomb etc. It is all explained in ReadMe2 - PLEASE READ BOTH OF THEM.
  14. The scale was wrong on the first version, we corrected it, its now right. HOWEVER, we have made the same mistake again and the ASW Model is slightly oversized. We will fix that and give you another link soon. The Troop lift version is still okay for size. Sorry for the c*ckup !!
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