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  1. No, your quite right, but ships radars still turn, smoke, weapons fire etc etc, it doesnt need a waypoint. (I had not thought that bit through had I !!) Static is sometimes useful as just eye candy for a particular scenario, and we have the facility with everything else, it just seems strange not to have it with static ships. I use static ships a lot in my game, many might not, its just another choice.
  2. I'm going to keep plugging this until it happens ... see y'all in 2025
  3. It would be useful to have this function added to the game, currently there is no option to change the livery of a static ship, you can have the default skin and nothing else. I realise you can overcome this by making it a ship under way and create a very short waypoint, but we dont need to do that for anything else so why not have it for static ships as well.
  4. Similar issues with this map, and Syria, micro stutter a few seconds after mission starts, then intermittent micro stutters after that, It was good before the last update, but the last update ran at the same time as the last big Windows 10 update so I'm guessing they might be linked. Reduced everything to minimum in the mission, still happens, tried all the combinations of options and all the fixes suggested in this and other threads, nothing stops it happening. Tried it with different aircraft, no difference then tried it with a vanilla game, still there. Not a huge issue, just a little annoy
  5. Sorry to tell you guys my skins were created for the original ED/Tomcatz Kutz model, the new Kutz model (2017) is completely different and would require a complete set of new skins to create Lioning. The older model Kutz is still available in the game, you can have my skins as a Liveries add on if you want them but I doubt the older model Kutz will remain in the game for very long, its poor quality compared to the new model.
  6. I still exist ... and so does that skin, I'm still above ground and still modding, but not on here. The Lioning was a very old skin done for the original Tomcatz Kutz model, I have no idea if it fits the new ED model or not, but I will have a look and let you know in a day or two. I wont be doing a Queen Elizabeth skin for the Nimitz model, sorry, it's too much work and I'm too busy with other stuff these days.
  7. Manual Start ... well I never !! How long have we had that in the game ?? :bored::bored:
  8. The original Mistral Mod was created by a chap called Lilkiki, he asked me to rework the deck skins for him which I did. Sadly he then died quite suddenly and I decided to finish the Mod off for him. I discovered the models belonged to Turbo Tape Games and Lilkiki had not sought permission from them to convert and use the model. I sought that permission and the guys there were were very generous and forgiving, so I finished the Mod off and cleared it through the correct channels with ED for inclusion in the download site, which was agreed after they had seen the written permissions. Some month
  9. Much better map, I have both, Gulf is good but its mostly sand, Syria has a bit of everything and the detail is excellent, go for Syria.
  10. Excellent idea, really well executed, we all have slightly different perspectives on what looks best so a bit of compromise is always required, I'm looking forward to your improvements. Well done mate, I know how much work goes into this kind of Mod, I have played around with the vfs textures a bit myself and its not an easy thing to do or get absolutely right. :thumbup:
  11. Excellent Admiral, great detail and fine workmanship. :thumbup:
  12. Look up The Royal Marines Armoured Support Group on Normandy beaches, they had Centaur Tanks in their LCM's, used to fire in the first assault waves on D Day. So not as weird as it might sound, but I wondered how an LCAC would cope with a modern tank gun. I'm still curious to know if its been tested, cant find anything to show you yet. However, here is a RMASG Centaur, currently sitting beside Pegasus Bridge in France. Restored by an old mate of mine a few years ago and in very good condition.
  13. Sorry Admiral, I meant have they ever tried that in real life ... the animation and your models are excellent, I'm very impressed.
  14. Have they ever tried that - M1A1 Tank Gun firing off moving LCAC, with a bit of sea swell and nice wet deck - I have this crazy image of how it would go in my mind: :cry: BANG .... SH*T ! ... SPLASH !! But seriously, have they ?
  15. Patience was the key ... and the problem, lack of in my case !! :music_whistling:
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