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  1. Alright, so it's not just me forgetting how to do things. That's a little reassuring. I've never used snapviews because I use TrackIR. I'll take a look at the axis tuning, see if I can make it do what I want. Thanks very much. :)
  2. So I've been away from DCS for a long while, and want to try out this newfangled 2.5 whatsit. Many things are new... but some old things are still there. I still hate the stupidly fisheyed default FOV limits, and want to adjust them. Back in the day, I would have edited server.lua, but that no longer works. Or I would've edited the individual plane's Views.lua, but that no longer works. I tried searching this forum, only to find a ton of threads from the past several years, no longer relevant. Please, how do I fix this? :helpsmilie:
  3. I recently decided to no longer attempt to maintain a DCS install until 2.5 actually works, so this announcement doesn't actually change anything for me! I won't be needing the refund. Thanks for letting us know the plan.
  4. There are lots of sim-pilots out there who I'm sure would love flying in DCS if they ever gave it a chance. But they won't try it, because they don't want combat. These potential customers like high fidelity simulations of complex aircraft, they like high performance flying machines, they like immersive cockpits... but they simply don't want to have to deal with getting shot at. I can't say I blame them. This missions generator sounds like a very good way to sell them on DCS!
  5. It really bugs me that the ingame ATC doesn't take wind direction into account when assigning a runway.
  6. The intro story is well written. For pure flying joy, the Sabre is probably my favorite DCS module so far, but good missions and/or campaigns for the plane have been scarce. Very much looking forward to this one!
  7. Yes, some variety in time of day and weather would be welcome. Not having to care about wind direction in a relatively lightweight taildragger is as immersion-breaking as the GPS navigation.
  8. I was thinking about this while playing tonight, since I had seen a bomber magically vanish in midflight once before, but had no idea what happened or how to go about reporting the issue. Just a few minutes ago, I was flying Blue and one other player was flying Red. Only two people on the server. I took off from Gudauta and attacked Bzyb. The Red player ran a reconnaissance mission over Gudauta. I saw the server message that an enemy bomber was inbound from Sochi-Adler to Gudauta. Very shortly after seeing that message, I destroyed the last ground vehicle at Bzyb. The server message reporte
  9. In addition to the calls for more time between server resets, I want to request more notice before the reset. Tonight I was trying out the reconnaissance missions in a TF-51, and I lost track of time (my fault). Shortly after taking off for a fairly distant target, the 30 minute reset warning popped up. 30 minutes was only barely enough for time for the round trip. I managed to land with the intel at a friendly airbase, but the server shut down while I was rolling out, so I didn't get to deliver the intel. I suggest a 60 minute warning would be more useful in these slower planes. Maybe warn
  10. The lazy eight maneuver demonstrated in your video is very different from the lazy eight I learned for my Commercial Pilot certificate several years ago. I learned it as two 180 degree turns, one to the left, one to the right, ending at the same altitude, heading and airspeed as you started. You climb and increase bank for the first half of each turn, then descend and decrease bank angle for the second half of the turn. The nose of the airplane draws a sideways figure eight centered on the horizon; thus the name. Does the USAF really do two full 360 degree turns, so you come back to the sta
  11. Haven't had the opportunity to get to an airshow for a couple of years, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one! I spent a lot of time hanging around where the performing aircraft were parked so I could watch them start up. The T-33 surprised me with the awesome bass growl when it first lit; very different from any modern jet engines I've ever heard. I think the A-6M Zero was one of the biggest highlights of the show. Not many opportunities to see one of those flying! In the static displays, I loved the replica Wright Model A and want very much to learn more about that project. Who built it, w
  12. Options - Special - F-86F Uncheck the box, I think it's labeled landing seat adjustment.
  13. I don't know. Never had the replays work for me at all, so I just stopped using them for anything.
  14. Thank you very much, zaelu! Problem solved. :) I thought the issue magically fixed itself last update... I must've stumbled over that file and immediately forgotten about it, like a derp. :lol:
  15. While I'm sorry people are having problems with this very fun module... I'm glad it's not just me. Thought I was going crazy and/or messed up something extremely obvious.
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