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  1. Is it possible to change the load/save directories , say to discord?
  2. Rename Saved Games\Config\network.vault You will be presented with a new login
  3. I tried various missions today with --norender on and --norender off. When --norender is on. AI Enemy Air does not attack. In fact I flew between two aircraft and was ignored. When --norender was off. The AI aircraft are hostile and attack without mercy. AI Ground forces attack either way...
  4. Is this still an on-going issue? Running servers with the --norender turned off, is putting strain on the servers
  5. Running both "Operation SnowFox" and "Operation Clear Field" on our event server. Hope others enjoy the missions as much as we do. Nice work
  6. True. I restarted all the servers this morning and all servers are online. it affected all my servers. Server 1 at my home, Server/s 2,3,4 at a data center. None of them were available in either in the server list or my profile
  7. Yes they are working, but do not show in server list. My profile shows I have no servers. When I log into my data center the servers are active. Server 1 on box 1 Servers 2,3 & 4 in data center Update: Data Center Servers are timing out getting to ED packets are misdirected and falling into a hole Routing issue
  8. I have 4 OCG Australian servers running. Players are joining via IP as the servers are not showing in my profile or in the main server list. If I shut down all servers and restart them all. Most times the servers all appear.
  9. Oceanic Combat Group [OCG] "Through the Inferno" Australian Official Server SRS: Auto-Connect for all Servers Discord & Applications: discord.gg/ZmXEBSU Website: https://oceaniccombatgroup.com.au (under construction) Mail: admin@oceaniccombatgroup.com.au Server 1 Caucasus (Random Seasons & Times) Server 2: Persian Gulf (Random Seasons & Times) Server 1: TTI Caucasus Server 2: TTI Persian Gulf Server 3: OCG Training Server 4: OCG Event & Testing
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