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  1. Mission 2 If the helo that is transporting Bounty 1-1 crashes, does the mission need to be restarted to get the convoy to proceed? Or can bounty 1-1 re-spawn? cheers Lol I'll let the AI do it... great mission
  2. Hi feefifofum Great to see the update... any chance of a link for the Mods for mission 2 cheers
  3. Removed LotAtc from one server,now have instant "Time Out" and server crashes
  4. Did the smaller installer update this afternoon. When players join servers crash. plus multiple errors for the file db_sensors.lua cannot be found anywhere. Reported as being in various locations as well c:\dcs world openbeta\bin\lua\db_sensors.lua + the crash files are corrupt (binary) Have done complete cleanup and repair dcs.log-20210416-102349.zip.zip errrorw.lua
  5. Is it possible to change the load/save directories , say to discord?
  6. Rename Saved Games\Config\network.vault You will be presented with a new login
  7. I tried various missions today with --norender on and --norender off. When --norender is on. AI Enemy Air does not attack. In fact I flew between two aircraft and was ignored. When --norender was off. The AI aircraft are hostile and attack without mercy. AI Ground forces attack either way...
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