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  1. Hey segax, I feel your pain. I have a 'similar' system (i5 2500 + 12GB RAM + GTX970) and played a lot with the different graphic options. Some tips for you to test before buying any PC part: - Make sure you have Power Management mode set as "Performance" on NVIDIA Control Panel (screenshot below); - Set Cutter/Grass to zero (DCS option); - Set Terrain Object Shadows set to Off (DCS option). For me it resolved some stutter/low FPS when taxing or flying low in choppers. Cheers!
  2. Just sharing my silly experience with this as well. I too faced that FPS drop when upgrading to 2.7, and did almost everything already said before (clean DCS install, roll back nvidia driver to older one, clean FXO and metashaders etc etc..). All without a major improvement, so I started to downgrade graphics and at some point I got left Alt + Enter (instead of Alt + Tab) and... Taaa daaaaaa!!! Just like magic, another game. Started to raise the settings again to the point I'm quite happy, running at 60 FPS basically (settings attached). TL;DR Give left Alt + Enter a
  3. + 1 On my end, even on first reboot or internet disconnected this issue persists. After a few tries I can get game running (don't know yet what could trigger it to run though)..
  4. Hello! Sorry being a little offtopic here. I recently bought a new x52 Pro and found an issue with X axis. The axis will go full with half pull of the joystick. Already tried to move all directions, trying to recalibrate, but issue persists. Drivers are up to date:, using W10 64 bits. Any of you guys have experienced this? Thanks!
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