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  1. BitMaster, I had all CH stuff back in the Flanker 2.0 / Hornet Korea days. If you could still program through serial ports, or if they put them on computers anymore lol, I'd still be using them. Went to Thrustmaster after that, they died similar to what is being discussed here, and now I use Saitek X55's. No problems at all but I wanted the extra buttons that CH didn't supply.



  2. Well arriflex, your of course welcome to your opinion. I've had CH Products, Thrustmaster and now Saitek. All I can tell you is that I really don't think there's a difference in performance, reliability, feel, or ability to control the aircraft.


    I don't want to see this get off topic. Enjoy what you have. I'm not bashing thrustmaster, as I said, I just dont see where the price is worth it given my experience. Your mileage may vary.



  3. Thanks cichlidfan.


    I did some reading on it and everything came down to what you have stated. Single monitor is a 780Ti friendly zone but multi monitor is better with the 6Gig. I also read that with overclocking you can get the 780 6Gig to almost the same performance as the Ti.


    Ordered the 6Gig from Newegg 2 minutes ago. Can't wait!!!!


    Now if only F-18 would come out my life would be complete :)

  4. K, haven't been doing the flight sim thing since Flanker 2.0 (which I did beta on) and now I feel the neeeeeed to get back into it.

    I downloaded DCS-world. It had a link to the website to buy Flaming Cliffs 3. I did see the notice that I needed an earlier version or LOMAC, but I figured the program had brought me here so the text probably wasn't updated yet. I bought FC3 and can't install because I don't have an earlier version of FC.


    I just wanna know what I have to do or buy to get flying is all. HELP

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