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  1. You described the interface of Hornet 3.0 / Hornet Korea to a tee. here's a vid
  2. I'll disagree and thats fine. You can easily apply a switch to a cover.
  3. I have it working but not through VJoy which I should be able too. Where's the tech support?
  4. The problem being that WinWing didn't supply the cover as a switch. Its a bad design. I can mod it obviously, however I am disappointed in this lack of QC.
  5. I should say that I'm currently building the Hornet pit. Its going together very nicely. The plans are awesome.
  6. I see no way to make that happen, can you provide an instructional video or reference material?
  7. I see no way to make it work. Can you provide a tutorial?
  8. I for one could care less about the wallpaper and will be more than happy to have ED spend their time on the module itself.
  9. Gladman

    TGP Zoom

    Right on man. Thanks for that.
  10. Thats interesting. Thanks for the info.
  11. Is this not a switch? No function when attempting to program in game. All other switches working.
  12. Turns out that the center position of the switch is a place holder and you have to clear it for it to work. Thanks for the input Andy.
  13. The buttons work however you can't leave them in place, you must hold them. When you let go of the button the engine begins to wind down and moving the throttle forward will not start the engine. Is there a fix for this?
  14. Gladman

    TGP Zoom

    `Using the throttle button 6 (Z-axis) you can zoom in and out put you can't stop the zoom from going to the min or max. There is no in between. Am I missing something here?
  15. Do you need to be in front of a monitor for this to work
  16. I just got my winwing setup. I'd say the F-18 stick is less impressive than the TM version based on the feel of the button. I don't think the quality is as good however I could be wrong. The base for the stick is impressive and I doubt there will be any issue there for years and years. Time will tell. The Throttle is freakin awesome, can't say a bad thing about it. The button box is ok. I won't be using it simply because it doesn't fit into the pit I'm building (thank you Tejay Beauparlant for the amazing plans) and to be honest, the switches aren't as good a quality as the ones I purchase from PCFlights. If they just sold the throttle, thats what I would have purchased and gone with TM/Virpil/PCFlights for everything else.
  17. I think its just a bug. Probably caused by the addition of a new feature. I'll just have to get better with my rocket placement for a while :)
  18. Mine was flat. I used the ED provided mission that gives your an 83, 82's, CBU's and rockets. Sorry can't remember the name of it and I'm at work. Waypoints 1, 2, and 3 are all level ground outside of a tree'd area.
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