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  1. I had GTX780s in SLI. There is no advantage in DCS.
  2. I wouldn't buy it. I'd be surprised if it was well received.
  3. I never build missions in VR unless its a 2 second drop a couple planes in kinda thing. Maybe they'll do it anyway, who knows.
  4. Personally I'd never use it because the interface would either be using the mouse which takes a very long time to do, and combinations would be impracticable, or use the VR headset and look at each key with a mouse click associated to the HOTAS. Also very slow and impracticable. The time I spend on that I could easily add what is needed to a DWVAC or Voice Attack profile.
  5. Never needed with voice comms.
  6. I could get 45 FPS with a GTX780 when the Rift first came out. I see no reason you won't be able to handle the sim with a 970.
  7. Can you post a screen shot of your throttle curves?
  8. I'd pay upfront for it as I have every other module I've wanted. If you take "early access" into consideration, I'll be buying the Hornet, I bought the F-5, I bought the F-86 etc etc etc. It may be important to see how many people are actually interested by putting money on it rather than facing the reality later of the "oh I'll buy it" crowd that never does.
  9. I haven't plugged my TrackIR in since I got the Rift. Just can't. I need to sell that thing.
  10. NeilWillis, read that statement by JG14 again with your funny hat on.
  11. Same issue here as well. I know this is primarily a Mig-21 issue but I'd challenge ED to change the activation system entirely, over complicated would be a nice way to put it.
  12. I'd highly suggest you look more into Voice Attack or DWVAC. I've been using DWVAC and find it very easy to configure and very rarely have issues with it not understanding me. Maybe 1 in 100. You need a button for AG mode, say "AG Mode", etc etc etc.
  13. As cichlidfan states, the MFG's do have toe brakes. I've had Saitek's and CH pedals in the past. I would go with CH over Saitek but both are hard to find these days. Ebay has used and that's where I'd go. You won't even come close to the quality of MFG by going to CH or Saitek but you know what, it'll work and it'll help. That is far better than nothing and what I used for years.
  14. I use it in 2.0 all the time. You must be missing a setting somewhere.
  15. One of the things that blew me away was how much I now appreciate cockpit size. You sit in the A-10 and there's so much room. You sit in the F-86 and think, wow, small. Then you get the "so this is what it was like" feeling running through your head. The other thing is that I now fly the P-51. I can't even tell you why, its just more something, I'm not even sure what. Best thing I ever did was buy a rift.
  16. I'm selling everything that I once thought I would use for a cockpit build including my TIR5. I just can't go back. You do need to "get over" the resolution of it but you just feel like your there. Hard to explain as I'm sure you've heard a thousand times but its so natural and virtually trouble free so absolutely yes, its worth it.
  17. I've not had the dizzy, nauseous feeling since the first week I had the CV1 but the other day I ejected over 20k and was falling in the seat. I don't know what caused it but my brain said instant nausea and so it was lol. On the FPS issue, I almost always have 45fps and it doesn't bother me. Where the 90FPS farce came from I don't know. Maybe early, untested info.
  18. Even jet aircraft use is extremely noticable with the MFG's. I honestly could not believe how much smoother my AA engagements became and landings. Oh my god the landings!!!! You can actually use the pedals for large to miniscule corrections. To be honest, I've started just getting close with the stick and throttle rudder for final approaches, including carrier traps.
  19. To be 100% honest. The MFG's have changed flight sims forever. I'll not say that about more than 1 or 2 products but I can't tell you how much these things will change the experience for you.
  20. I found that at times you need to restart the oculus software (the one that comes up with the games to buy and whatnot. Try putting the rift on before you start DCS and see that the rift loads and puts you in the oculus main room (you know, the big room where you click on games you have bought and others that you can), then look through the nose piece and start DCS. I've had to do this a number of times.
  21. I've had a lot of games with activation codes and non of which had a limit to my knowledge.
  22. I have never understood why ED went with this activate/deactive system. Its paid for, who cares how many times you reinstall your OS or upgrade your system? That data truely is nobodies business but your own. Overcomplicated to say the least.
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